Genshin Impact Moonlit Bamboo Forest Location

Genshin Impact Moonlit Bamboo Forest Location

Players searching for a way to find Moonlit Bamboo Forest will find all the locations in this guide.

Although most of the achievements found in Genshin Impact are tied with combat-based quests and challenges, a few achievements have been found that are unlocked by merely gathering collectibles throughout the world.

There are dozens of tasks for players when waiting for the next big update in Genshin Impact. These tasks may involve gathering books, including Moonlit Bamboo Forest; however, making a collection of books may help you obtain in-game achievements

Before finding Moonlit Bamboo Forest Locations, you should learn how many books it contains. In short, Moonlit Bamboo Forest is a four-part book series, and all the books can be found in Liyue.

Fortunately, all books are easy to find and collect as they are located in the most populated areas of the region. Here’s a quick overview: 

  • Moonlit Bamboo Forest Volume 1 – You can find it from the home of Granny Ruoxin, Qingce Village. 
  • Moonlit Bamboo Forest Volume 2 – You can buy it from Wanwen Bookstore of Liyue Harbor. 
  • Moonlit Bamboo Forest Volume 3 – Visit Liyue Harbor and go to the Wanwen Bookstore to Purchase Volume 3. 
  • Moonlit Bamboo Forest Volume 4 – Visit Wangshuu Inn near the Check-in Counter to get Volume 4. 

Although you need to teleport yourself around to get these books, they are noticeable and can be discovered easily when you walk into the room. Along with the achievement, the player will also receive 5 Primogems as a reward for unlocking the achievement.

You can also buy the Wanwen bookstore during your journey to use them for some other quest. 

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Where is Moonlit Bamboo Forest Genshin Impact?

There is no single location of Moonlit bamboo forest in Genshin Impact, and you have to travel to various locations to collect all of them and complete your task.

Two volumes of the Moonlit Bamboo forest book are in the Liyue harbor area while one is in Qingce village, and the last one is at the Wangshuu Inn. 

  • You can teleport to the waypoint on the west side of Oceanid boss and go to Granny Rouxin’s house to get your hands on the first volume lying on the table near two vases.
  • You can fast travel to the nearest waypoint and enter the Mingxing jewelry for volumes two and three. 
  • The Mingxing jewelry is indicated on the map with a gem icon so you can easily recognize it to teleport nearby. 

For the fourth volume of the moonlit bamboo forest, you can teleport to the top levels of the Wangshuu Inn and enter the building. Enter the room where the boss of Wangshuu Inn, also known as Verr Goldet, resides; you will find the book on a table without too much of a search.   

How do you get the moonlit in bamboo forest Series?

Along with some volumes of Moonlit in the bamboo forest, Jifang also put some volumes of the Shattered Halberd series on sale. Pro players suggest that you save some gold coins and buy those volumes of the Halberd series as you need them in the later stages of the game. All the volumes of Moonlit in the bamboo forest are on sale at various book stores across the map.  

Where is the bamboo forest near Qingce village?

If you are in the Qingce village, you can find the bamboo forest in the west, and in the southwest region of the village, bamboo shoots grow in a bamboo forest only. Don’t worry about traveling between different bamboo forests as fast travel teleport waypoints at various nearby locations. 

How do you get the spring white horse and moonlight achievement?

To complete the spring white horse and moonlight achievement, you need to collect all four volumes of the original book one after another.

As soon as you collect the last book in the series, you will receive a notification stating that you have completed the achievement and can finally move to the next task in Genshin Impact.

This achievement falls into the Wonders of the World category, and you can complete it whenever you want as there is no restriction. 

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