Genshin Impact Inazuma Shrine Of Depths Location (2023)

Where to Find The Shrine of Depths In Genshin Impact

Shrine of Depths feels like a blessing when you find one of them on the map in Genshin Impact.

They are packed with experience points, mora, sigils, artifacts, promos, and various other in-game items that you can get by simply opening them. Shrine of Depths is an ancient structure built by a lost civilization. 

They are sealed off at first, but you can open them with a key, and finding that key is a pretty difficult task itself. It also contains a chest with some random weapons so you can take on enemies with more power.

You can only open a chest inside the Shrine of Depths once as they don’t respawn at all. A key can only open one Shrine of Depths, and you have to find a new key to open a new shrine.

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Where to Find The Inazuma Shrine of Depths In Genshin Impact

Shrine of Depths is difficult to find as they can give you some pretty decent lot, and developers don’t want you to sit idle and collect the lot from Shrine of Depths after each corner.

More than ten Shrines of Depths are scattered across the Genshin Impact map. Each region in Genshin Impact features 10 Shrine of Depths.

In the Mondstadt region, you can find three Shrine of Depths in the Galesong Hill area nearby the Dadaupa Gorge waypoint. If you teleport to the Windwail highland statue of the Seven and go to the north side, you will find a Shrine of Depth there with all its reward and glory. 

Where can I find the Shrine of depths?

The game map doesn’t indicate the exact location of the Shrine of Depths, which means that you will have quite a hard time finding them on your own.

But this article features locations of many Shrine of Depths that you can open for gifts. Sometimes you have to down from a mountain to reach a Shrine of Depth while climbing up some cliffs in other situations. 

Where is the Liyue Shrine of depths Genshin Impact?

Liyue is quite big on the map, and it contains 10 Shrine of Depths with some good gifts and weapon chests. There is a cave in the large mountain on the left side of the Hidden Palace of Zhou Formula with a Shrine of Depth.

You can find a Shrine of Depths in the small lake area on top of a cliff. 

If you fast travel and reach the Bishua Plain teleport, you can find a Shrine of Depth on the southwest side. There is a Shrine of Depths that you can find from the Mt. Aozang teleport waypoint, but you have to glide to it as it is far away than it looks. 

If you climb cliffs behind the Nantianmen teleport waypoint, you can see a Shrine of Depths and open it with a Liyue region key. After reaching the Domain of the wayward path, there is a Shrine of Depth inside a cave near the river, and you have to glide down to reach there.     

Where do I use the key for Shrine of depths?

To get your hands on a key to the Shrine of Depths, you need to complete some specific domains and quests along with leveling of Statues of the Seven. The keys are region-specific, so you will only find a few keys in a specific region.

If you find a key in Liyue, you can open all the Shrine of Depths in Liyue. With keys found in the Mondstadt region, open all the Shrines in the same region.

Where are all the shrines of depths in Inazuma?

The first Shrine of depth is located on the northwest side of the Narukami Island in the Inazuma region. The second Shrine is in the eastern part of the Chinju forest, while the third Shrine is in Kannazuka nearby the Shakkei Pavilion.

For the fourth Shrine, you have to go West side of Mikage Furnace.

On Tsurumi Island, you can find a shrine on the northwest side, while a second one is on the northeast side. The Yashiori Island also holds two shrines near the Serpent’s Head, while the second is on a cliff near the Momiji-Dyed Court.

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