Genshin Impact Starsilver Location (Revealed)

Genshin Impact Starsilver Location

Star Silver is an essential material in Genshin Impact as you need it to complete various quests. You can also craft a weapon with star silver by going to a blacksmith in the nearby city.

This material became the center of attention after the recent Wind Blume Festival.

Even if you manage to gather some ore and save it in your inventory, you should always collect more Star Silver as you require a large amount in the later stages of the game. 

Star silver is pretty rare compared to other available ores, so you will have a pretty hard time gathering it, but it’s worth the effort. To unlock the Wind Blume quest, reach adventure level 20 and complete the main storyline quest.

This event lets players enjoy mini-games such as balloon shooting and hard rhythm games. If you have already accessioned your weapons, you can transform the ore into other fine enhancement ore.  

Wind Blume Festival

You can avoid the Wind Blume festival, but there is no way to avoid the main quest, which requires you to search and harvest Star Silver ore.

The Star Silver finding quest in the Wind Blume Festival requires you to search for three tiles only, while the main quest requires a minimum of 50 tiles. 

If you know how to find these tiles and know their exact location, it will only take you ten minutes or less to complete both quests as the spawn location are nearby.

To save your time and gather more ore, join other players to mine Star Silver from their world while the Star Silver ore respawns in your world. 

The best pair of Dragon Spine weapons is with Shenhe character, the first Cryo character in Genshin Impact. 

Genshin Impact starsilver location

Star silver is available at the Dragon Spine location on the world map, and players aren’t aware of this new location as it is added to the game in the recent update.

The snow-covered path and its south side, north & west of wyrmrest valley, and East of Entombed City Ancient palace are the best Star Silver ore locations.

Other Star Silver locations include Southeast of Dragonspine, South of Star glow cavern, and the Southern waypoint of Entombed City Outskirts.

Where can I find Starsilver Genshin?

As you already know, Star Silver ore tiles appear on a specific area of the map, and it is not easy to recognize an ore tile because the color of the tile and nearby mountains is blue. Some locations on the world map feature clusters of Star Silver ore while other locations have a few tiles, so start gathering from locations with more Star Silver ore. 

How often does Starsilver Respawn Genshin?

Genshin Impact features respawn of Star Silver ore tiles after 48 hours so players can complete their Star Silver ore quest in a short time and get rewards to move to the next quest. 

Does Starsilver ore Respawn?

Yes, Star Silver ore respawn after the said period, and you will be able to collect more than 60 ore in a single day if you collect them from the above-given locations. Start gathering Star Silver ore from the edges and moving towards the Dragon spine’s middle as it features high concentrated ore tiles. 

Where can I use Starsilver?

In Genshin Impact, there are many uses of Star Silver ore as it is pretty rare, and you need it to craft various recipes. Many weapons, including the Dragonspine Spear, Snow-Tombed Starsilver sword, the Frostbearer catalyst, etc., also require Star Silver for crafting and ascension. 

It would help if you crafted all the weapons with Crystal chunks, Northlander Polearm Billet, and Vitalized Dragon tooth. Star Silver ore is also required in the Five Flushes of Fortune event.

If your character is weak, it will be difficult for them to bear the cold weather of Dragon spine, but you can craft warming bottles with Star Silver ore to survive the cold weather.

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