Is Splitgate Dead in 2023?

Is Splitgate Dead

It’s hard to innovate in the first-person genre of video games, but sometimes the magic does happen.

Splitgate is what you get when you combine the sci-fi shooting experience of Halo with the portal mechanics from the classic Valve game. And the result is a very satisfying PvP multiplayer video game.

Since the game is on every modern-day platform and has crossplay too, it had a very successful launch and always had thousands of active players. And after Halo Infinite was released, the game even received a boost in its player base on the PlayStation ecosystem.

However, the launch hype for the game has arguably washed off and it’s not the talk of the town as it once used to be. So, the question that everyone has right now is: is Splitgate dead?

Let’s take a look at the player count of the game, how many people play it actively, and what content it’s receiving to answer whether Splitgate is dead or not!

Is Splitgate Dead in 2022?

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For an online game to be dead, it needs to have a very low player count. So, if you try to find a match, you will have difficulty finding players to fight with and against.

Splitgate had a very healthy growth in its initial days and was a rival to Halo Infinite even at its peak. But of course, every game experiences a drop in its player base after some time. So, is Splitgate dead?

The answer is NO. Splitgate is very much alive and has a consistent player base even in 2022 that plays the game regularly. The game has over a thousand players on Steam every time, and that’s just one platform. Splitgate is reasonably active on the Xbox and PlayStation consoles too.

Playing Splitgate These Days

To give it a test, I launched Splitgate on Steam and jumped into a quick match to see if it takes a while to find one or not. To my surprise, I found a match within less than 5 seconds and had a lot of fun playing. And don’t worry, none of them behaved like a bot!

I tried removing certain game modes from the rotation and still successfully found matches – so Splitgate is not dead at all.

It’s alive on all three platforms that it’s available on and is more consistently liked than Halo Infinite since the latter has a conflicted fanbase despite having a larger player count.

splitgate quick matches

As for Splitgate content

Splitgate just received a Level Editor which the community really liked and adds a new way for players to enjoy the game.

And it’s another comparison that players make to Halo Infinite, which still does not have the series staple Forge mode despite the fact that it has been out for nearly a year by now.

And it’s not just the Level Editor, other changes to the game are made regularly such as balancing patches and new Season passes. 

splitgate quick play

That’s it for our answer to the question of is Splitgate dead? Fortunately, it’s not! And we hope that you’re already on your way to enjoying some matches in the game.

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