Genshin Impact Tsaritsa: Cryo Archon Profile Guide

Genshin Impact Tsaritsa: Cryo Archon Profile Guide

For a game released in 2020, Genshin Impact is still one of the most popular action role-playing games out there. While facets like its addicting gacha system and unique art style are also important reasons for this, this is primarily due to the game’s expansive open-world, which never stops producing additional lore.

Tsaritsa has been one of the most intriguing additions to the ever-expanding lore of Genshin Impact

The game allows players to explore the vast lands of Teyvat, with the option to uncover its secrets and hidden locations. The game features many characters, and the list only keeps increasing. These characters (aka “Travelers”) can be unlocked through both in-game and authentic currency.

They are, however, obtained most commonly through “Wish” banners, which allow you to obtain characters randomly. Tsaritsa may be an extremely prominent character in the story, but she is still not playable, although she is one of the game’s upcoming characters

Introduction – Who is Tsaritsa?

Tsaritsa is the Cryo Archon and one of the Seven, who presides over the Snezhnaya. As the true Archon who rules over Snezhnaya, she uses her devoted Fatui followers to antagonize and manipulate the other nations of Teyvat. 

She is known for targeting the Gnoses of other Archons for unknown reasons. People theorize that her disdain for the ‘old world’ may be hers, which she hopes to burn away. 

Tsaritsa is also able to gift her subjects a power different from Visions, called Visions, called Delusions. Fatui Cicin Mages, Pyro Agents, and Mirror Maidens use in a single battle. The Eleven Fatui Harbingers are said to possess one of them as well. 

Interestingly, she was not among the members of the Seven who achieved victory at the end of the Archon War. Her rise to her current position is still unknown, but that is no surprise since much of her lore is still a mystery. The only thing known about her rise to power is that it occurred before the cataclysm 500 years ago and prominently changed her. 

“She is a god with no love left for her people, nor do they have any left for her. Her followers only hope to be on her side when the day of her rebellion against the divine comes at last”, says Dansleif about the Tsaritsa and Snezhnaya

The Legacy of Tsaritsa in Teyvat

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The Legacy of Tsaritsa in Teyvat

A lot of mystery surrounds her, but what is known is that she has some of the most highly devoted followers of the entire Genshin Impact lore. The motivations of most of her followers are still unknown though because it could be due to both; faith and fear.

Tartaglia, though, is one of her most genuine followers, and also believes her to be a gentle soul who had to harden herself. He strongly believes that her actions, even throughout war, had peace in mind. He sees her as a ‘true warrior’.

Very little is known about the incident from 500 years ago. What’s known is that Barbatos drew her ire, and she made Signora attack him and steal his Gnosis without warning. This alone is vastly different from the way she negotiates with Morax for very similar goals. 

Zhongli, who’s Morax’s vessel, does not ascribe a trait to her like he does with all the other Archons while describing the kites that represent the Seven. He sighs right after saying: “as does that which the Cryo Archon once…”, which most likely suggests that she no longer possesses the trait she was known for. 

Further Lore and Origins

It is unknown what specific part of the Seven’s history was when Tsaritsa inherited her position from the prior Cryo Archon. While she was not the original Archon who witnessed and attained victory in the Archon War, she did experience the events of the Cataclysm, which she was known to be traumatized by. 

Tsaritsa Quests and Interactions in Genshin Impact

The Tsaritsa herself is yet to appear in any of the game’s current quests, but it is common to encounter her Harbingers, who enforce her will and rebel against the divine. They are tasked with obtaining the Gnoses of all the other Archons. 

Signora does all the dirty work for her. She made her take Barbatos’ Archon through violent methods due to the two characters’ disputes.

Whereas in Morax’s case, she had to negotiate with him, who accepted from her a ‘contract to end all contracts.’ The actual trade is still not properly known, but Paimon promises the traveler that they will find out more about it throughout their journey across Teyvat. 

The Potential Motivations of Tsaritsa

For someone known as the god of love, there is a lot of disdain in Tsaritsa. Additionally, why is she stealing the Gnoses for herself? We know that she vastly changed after her experiences before the Cataclysm, but what are her motivations now? And what exactly happened during those events? 

The Cataclysm involved the fall of Khaenri’ah, and it is believed that it was Celestia who caused that. Not to forget Tsaritsa’s rebellion towards “the divine”, which most characters use to refer to Celestia. So, it may be that Tsaritsa is stealing all the Gnoses to fight against Celestia. 

Celestia is one of the strongest characters in the whole game. Even extremely powerful Archons like Makoto, who presided over the whole region of Inazuma before Ei becoming the Electro Archon, met her end against her during the events of the Cataclysm.

Tsaritsa Release Date

Enthusiasts of Genshin Impact are understandably clueless that so little is said about such an intriguing character. The potential release date of Tsaritsa as a playable character is always among one of the most highly asked questions related to Genshin Impact. 

So, will Tsaritsa ever be playable? There are many reasons to believe she will eventually be a playable character. The game already has three playable characters: Archons (Venti, Zhongli, and the Raiden Shogun). There’s no reason to believe that the Cryo Archon would be an exception from that. 

Even if the release of Tsaritsa does not happen for a long time, it would mainly be due to the Snezhnayan chapter of the main story being way too late in the story update schedule. Regardless, when that does happen, it is more likely than not for Tsaritsa to be a playable character. 

Besides, almost every revealed Archon is bound to be a playable character at some point, and there are very few doubts about Tsaritsa being the playable Cryo Archon.

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