For Honor Characters Tier List (Best Characters 2021)

For Honor Character Tier List

For honor has consistently and silently been providing some of the coolest updates for its niche community of devoted gamers. These updates range from bringing in new original characters to Star Wars’ lightsabers and even a Prince of Persia-related update.

There is always something to look forward to with every single For Honor patch. 

With the latest 2021 update, For Honor has received yet another series of changes. Characters that were previously known to be quite powerful have seemingly gone down on the tier list while some who were ranked very lower have been bumped up.

For Honor’s brand new update Mirage is now running up on the live servers, once you’re done reading our ultimate tier list after all of the changes; you’re going to want to check it out for yourself!

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Tier LevelCharactersPlaystyle
For Honor S–Tier CharactersWarmonger
Jiang Jun
For Honor Best A–Tier CharactersShaolin
Black Prior
For Honor Best B–Tier CharactersGryphon
For Honor Best C–Tier CharactersValkyrie
Best For Honor D–Tier CharactersGladiator
For Honor Best F–Tier CharactersAramusha

For Honor S–Tier Characters

Here’s a list of S-Tier for honor characters to use now.

1. Conqueror

For Honor S–Tier Characters Conqueror

He carries a Footman’s Flail & Heater Shield; his entire character is nightmare fuel for his enemies on the battlefield. Conqueror is extremely strong, can block any oncoming attack, and does a ton of damage on each hit.

Not to mention, every time the Conqueror blocks a hit, the offender gets pushed back. His Footman’s Fail does a ton of damage, though it’s a bit tricky to learn.

2. Warmonger

Warmonger’s ability of Corruption makes taking down any and all enemies easier. It’s an overpowered ability and can bully both groups and solo players.

Warmonger also has the classic Claw and Light Attacks, which deal a ton of damage at a very fast rate. Warmonger’s Flamberge Sword is a large, two-handed instrument of destruction. To put it simply, Warmonger is one of the easiest heroes to learn.

3. Jiang Jun

Jiang Jun thrives in crowd control. His primary weapon is a Guandao, which is used for very powerful sweep attacks and a ton of fast-poking attacks, while Jiang Jun’s stance protects him from getting hit.

4. Nobushi

The ability to remain at a solid distance from his enemies, while also being able to deal loads of damage is what makes Nobushi so unique.

The Naginata, Nobushi’s primary weapon, is a long scythe attached to a spear. The bleeding attacks that Nobushi performs can add the bleed debuff, causing a ton of damage even if you’re not hitting your enemies consistently.

5. Warlord

Warlord is one of the best solo heroes, and one of the best duelists. His attacks deal a lot of damage, and his defensive stance helps in dodging and parrying all sorts of attacks.

His attack range is close, which means that he is an up-close fighter with a ton of fast attacks. His attack animations are super short, making him one of the quickest heroes in the game.

For Honor Best A–Tier Characters

Here’s a list of A-Tier for honor characters to use now.

1. Shaolin

For Honor S–Tier Characters Shaolin

Shaolin is an unpredictable, silent beast. His long staff helps you maintain distance and deal damage at the same time. He also has the ability to teleport from one spot to the other. Did I mention he regenerated health every time he lands a successful block?

2. Nuxia

Nuxia is the deadliest assassin in the game, her attacks are fast and multiple and they deal a ton of damage with little to no repercussions. Her traps can do a ton of damage too, especially if the enemies are caught playing too defensive. Nuxia carries around a pair of Hook Swords, which are great at cutting but also pulling enemies closer to her.

3. Berserker

Berserker is one of the most powerful close-combat heroes in the game. His attacks can be chained infinitely, so the pressure never stops! His abilities allow him to increase his overall speed, attack, and defensive stats.

He used to be an easy S-Tier hero, but after the major nerf to his heavy attack and his very difficult to master play style, he’s a bit weaker in comparison yet still very powerful.

4. Kensei

Kensei and his Nodachi are always ready for ambushes. Kensei’s primary weapon can deliver devastating heavy and fast attacks.

One of Kensei’s best abilities allows him to give his allies a speed boost, and they also start dishing out more damage than before. The only downside is that Kensei is very slow, and that makes him a bit weaker in comparison to others.

5. Black Prior

Black Prior and his shield can stop herds of enemies from pushing you back. His Bulwark Counter is what singlehandedly makes him an A—Tier character.

This defensive move basically lets him break opponent blocks and stun them for a small duration. He is a defensive beast and a character that will take down any barrier in front of him.

6. Hitokiri

Hitokiri, the Samurai executioner, has no mercy within his heart. His battle axe, the Masakari, is one of the strongest heavy weapons in the game, dealing a ton of damage; most of which can result in brutal finishers.

He can dish out a ton of damage through his abilities too, which let him throw out multiple special moves in quick succession. Not too strong in crowded areas, but extremely powerful in one versus one situation.

For Honor Best B–Tier Characters

Here’s a list of B-Tier for honor characters to use now.

1. Gryphon

Gryphon For Honor Best B–Tier Characters

Gryphon was once an S—Tier hero upon launch; however after going through some nerfs he has become much more balanced. His Bardiche is a large polearm with a long blade attached at the tip of it, it’s very useful for heavy attacks and sweeps, along with some brutal finishers.

The thing that made him S—Tier were his quick attacks, a series of fast unpredictable moves and counter-attacks. However, after the nerf, his quick attacks aren’t as strong anymore.

2. Highlander

Highlander was a really strong character at one time. He uses the heavy long sword known as the Claymore. He is extremely strong and does a ton of damage.

The only problem is his heavy sword; it takes a ton of time in landing successful attacks and leaves a ton of room to be countered, parried, and blocked. 

3. Raider

Raider is a super quick and agile Viking hero. Raider has a very simple play style yet it is super effective against most players. It’s a very aggressive and very attack-heavy play style. It won’t take too long to master Raider’s attacks; yet getting countered is going to be something that you’ll have to deal with. 

4. Shaman

Shaman players must always stay on the move, her stabs and slashes using her dagger and hatchet can do a ton of damage, yet she doesn’t have much HP and can get taken out in a few hits. Her movement speed is high, and one of her abilities even increases it. 

5. Shugoki

Shugoki is a large, heavy, and bulky hero. His heavy attacks and unblockables are extremely strong, yet his slow speed lets him become one of the weakest heroes. He can be very easily countered, and he cannot do much in the middle of an attack. 

6. Zhanhu

Zhanhu, and his incredibly strong Changdao sword can slash and destroy enemies, left-right, and center. His ability to dodge oncoming attacks can help in doing ‘quick evades’ and getaways. However, he doesn’t deal much damage and his attacks themselves are quite slow, so you have to do the hit and run strategy.

For Honor Best C–Tier Characters

Here’s a list of C-Tier for honor characters to use now.

1. Valkyrie

Valkyrie For Honor Best C–Tier Characters

Valkyrie is good at both aggressive and defensive situations. Her spear can do a ton of damage on the range, and her shield can protect her from oncoming attacks. She’s a good hero overall, but she’s bulky and slow which gives her a lot of disadvantages when going against faster heroes.

2. Orochi

Orochi, arguably the fastest character in the game, can move across the maps super-fast. Orochi’s attacks are really quick, and his deflections are what make him extremely great at times. However, his damage isn’t too high nor is his defense.

He honestly doesn’t bring much to the team either, all he does is deal a little damage, put a little pressure, and runs away when there is more than one opponent in the vicinity.

3. Peacekeeper

Peacekeeper used to be the go-to hero in the game, however now she has fallen to being one of the worst characters in the game overall. Her attacks are fast and deal a decent amount of damage but her small range, her low health, and pretty terrible abilities make her one of the worst picks in the game overall.

4. Centurion

The Roman hero Centurion, has gone through many ups and downs. The nerf lord of For Honor has great punches and heavy attacks, which deal decent damage if they’re charged and almost all of his moves are super-fast. However, his extremely small attacking range and the need to remain close to enemies means he can’t help put too much pressure on opponents.

5. Jormungandr

Jormungandr and his Warhammer can land some extremely devastating heavy attacks and some great stuns on the light attacks. However, his offensive side ends there, and his slow speed is not very helpful for most situations.

His defensive side is great though and can be used to help your team out a lot because of his abilities which help him offer health, shield, and damage reduction buffs to his allies.

6. Shinobi

Once considered the best hero in the game, now a run-of-the-mill C—Tier character. Shinobi’s fall from grace happened many patches ago and he’s yet to be given a buff to make him strong again. Sadly, now Shinobi is a low-health hero, with not many defensive capabilities.

His entire playstyle revolves around the hit and run strategy, and he can’t do that too well since his damage output is extremely low.

Best For Honor D–Tier Characters

Here’s a list of B-Tier for honor characters to use now.

1. Gladiator

Gladiator Best For Honor D–Tier Characters

Gladiator is the bane of every noob’s existence. Gladiator’s unblockables are very annoying to deal with, and they can help you put a ton of pressure in a one versus one scenario. He’s also good at ranged combat, using his powerful Trident.

However, the thing that puts him in D—Tier is that; that’s all he has. He has a pretty bad amount of overall damage, all he revolves around is chaining attacks and if he can’t do that then he’s basically toast.

Playing Gladiator takes a lot of skill, time, and focus and not to mention patience because his attacks have very slow animations.

2. Tiandi

Tiandi’s abilities revolve entirely around keeping him up and running. His extra lives passive, along with more shields can result in very helpful situations for beginners. He can also concuss enemies, but that’s about it. He has a weak amount of damage, and his speed or mobility isn’t great either.

3. Warden

Warden is a starter hero; there isn’t much I can say aside from that. You’ll get addicted to playing Warden pretty quickly, he’s a solid comfort pick.

However, Warden and his Longsword aren’t going to help you out much when paired against veterans of the game. He’s slow, he’s bulky and his animations are lengthy, leading you to get parried and blocked, and counterattacked beyond all measure.

For Honor Best F–Tier Characters

Here’s a list of F-Tier for honor characters to use now.

1. Aramusha

For Honor Best F–Tier Characters Aramusha

Aramusha suffers from the same problems that most other heroes of both offensive and defensive stats do, they are slow and have lengthy animations.

Aramusha gets very boring to play despite playing him for a very small amount of time. Along with that, Aramusha has one of the most complex learning curves in the game; this is a high-difficulty hero with a very low amount of rewards.

2. Lawbringer

By far, one of the worst picks in For Honor is Lawbringer. Lawbringer’s Poleaxe has a fair amount of range, yet is weak in the damage. His launch attacks are very good in the damage department but his speed and his very slow and bulky animations make for a pretty poor character, and his overall mobility is also very terrible.

So, that was our ultimate tier list from the best of the best For Honor heroes to the absolute worst. Ubisoft has consistently managed to keep the nerfs and the buffs coming to each and every character, making you relearn the game with almost every other patch.

So, any time a new season update hits the game, make sure to check out our website for all kinds of For Honor content!

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