Lost Ark: How to Get Bifrost Keys (2023)

Lost Ark: How to Get Bifrost Keys

Lost Ark has a large world that is filled with many different regions, each complete with its own map and locations for the player to explore.

Naturally, once you’ve already discovered every area in the game, traveling to it all the way, again and again, starts to feel repetitive. That’s when fast travel comes in, which is a very common feature in MMORPGs and Lost Ark has its own version of it too.

The Bifrost in Lost Ark is a teleportation device that players can use to register and save points throughout the game’s world. Once a spot on the map is registered, the player can teleport their character to it whenever they want – as long as they keep the 2-hour cooldown in mind.

So, how do you get the Bifrost keys in Lost Ark? Here’s our easy guide that will detail how to get every Bifrost key in Lost Ark!

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What are Bifrost keys in Lost Ark?

We’ve already explained that the Bifrost in Lost Ark is a way to fast travel to any registered location. The keys help you unlock Bifrost slots, which then allow you to save points on the map.

So, to use the Bifrost you need slots, and the keys unlock those slots for you.

How to get Bifrost keys in Lost Ark

There are a total of 5 Bifrost keys that you can get in Lost Ark, and each of them unlocks a Bifrost slot for the player to use.

You start off with just one Bifrost slot by default, and you don’t have to put effort into obtaining it.

You unlock the next two Bifrost slots by having Crystalline Aura. It can be purchased through a 30-day pass in the Lost Ark shop for roughly $10 dollars. However, if you purchased the Founder’s Packs for the game, you would have 30 days of Crystalline Aura in general.

As long as you have the Aura, those slots are available for you to use. It’s essentially a benefit for buying a paid player and it goes away if your subscription runs out.

The most common and easiest way of getting a Bifrost key is to reach Roster level 60, and we’ll count it as the fourth one in order. It takes time, but you will have a guaranteed Bifrost key that will help you traverse the world of Lost Ark.

The last method is to collect Ignea Tokens, which are given to the player once they reach a 100% completion status for any zone in Arkesia. There are a total of 14 Ignea Tokens in Lost Ark and having 9 of them will grant you the additional Bifrost key.

If you did all of these things, you should now have 5 Bifrost slots in total, four of which you unlocked with keys. It’s not important to have every single Bifrost point unlocked, but it does help a lot in terms of traveling through Lost Ark’s large world.

We hope that you found this guide useful and are already on your way to obtaining the Bifrost keys!

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