Brawl Stars: How to Get Legendary Brawlers

How to Get Legendary Brawlers In Brawl Stars GamesBustop

Are you looking for possible ways to get Legendary Brawlers? If so, keep in mind that there’s only one possible way to have legendary Brawlers using Mega Boxes, Big Boxes, or Brawl Boxes.

Such boxes are featured at the Trophy Road, and unlocking the free and Brawl Pass Rewards of each season may help you speed up the process of redeeming boxes for gems, characters, and other items.

The chances of having legendary brawlers are meager. One legendary brawler appears after opening almost 430 boxes; however, some claim that the chances of getting Legendary Brawler to reach 99% when it comes to opening up 2000 boxes.

In short, everyone knows how difficult it is to pull a legendary character as we have already seen many YouTubers who opened 100 Mega Boxes and didn’t pull a mythical character.

How to Get Legendary Brawlers

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That doesn’t mean that it happens in all cases because we also have seen newbies getting legendary characters. If we say that it depends on luck, it won’t be wrong thanks to the legendary mechanics that continuously improve the legendary chances.

You will see how the mechanics work at the end of the article. Firstly, let’s dig up efficient ways to help you get a legendary character.

How to Get Legendary Brawlers

With patience and luck, you can easily unlock the legendary brawlers.

We’ve compiled a guide to help win whatever you are looking for using a variety of ways, and all are given below.

  • Boxes – You should keep in mind that tokens aren’t easy to obtain; therefore, every box you open may have a new brawler for you to collect.
  • Trophy Road – Using trophies to level up your rank would be a great idea; however, many other rewards are also on the way, including 10 Amazing Brawlers in the Trophy Road.
  • Brawl Pass – Every Brawl Pass Season comes with one brawler; however, you can unlock the brawler the game offers once you reach the tier.
  • Shop – You aren’t limited to open boxes to get legendary brawlers as you can buy them from the Shop using Gems. Keep your eyes on daily deals and make sure you get a massive discount on your favorite character.

Note: After achieving the milestones of required trophies, you have an option to keep them in your inventory forever.

  1. 10 Trophies – Nita
  2. 60 Trophies – Colt
  3. 250 Trophies – Bull
  4. 500 Trophies – Jessie
  5. 1000 Trophies – Brock
  6. 2000 Trophies – Dynamike
  7. 3000 Trophies – Bo
  8. 4000 Trophies – Tick
  9. 6000 Trophies – 8-Bit
  10. 8000 Trophies – Emz.

More Effective Ways to Get Legendary Brawlers

 The way to speed up the process of getting legendary character is to unlock as many brawlers as possible; however, the law behind the drop boxes are complicated and tricky to understand and ensure the result.

1. Avoid Spending Gems

If you are eager to have some legendary brawlers, start saving gems.

I know it is pretty difficult for anyone to spend gems on different items, especially for favorite skins. If you want to display the legendary character on your showcase, then sacrificing your ambitions of getting cool skins for a while would be in your favor.

Gems are valuable, and difficult to earn the currency required to get a legendary brawler. Besides, we won’t suggest you buy brawlers from the shop as it could put a huge dent in your pocket.

Therefore, find other ways to get brawlers; meanwhile, save up gems and your currency.

2. Learn about Token Doublers in Brawl Stars

How to Get Legendary Brawlers

Indeed, you would be familiar with Token Doublers, and we suggest you buy some using your valuable gems. 1000 Doublers will cost you 50 gems which means you can buy a Mega Box using 50 Gems, saving 30 of your gems.

Keep an eye on weekly offers as it gives you 1400 Token Doublers at the cost of 39 Gems.

Availing this offer will help you get 1.4 Mega Boxes at half of the actual price. That means that the chances of getting the legendary brawlers to get doubled.

3. Tickets

Instead of wasting your gems purchasing skins and other items, you should spend them smartly; therefore, the second most effective way that you can use to spend your gems is to buy tickets from the shop.

Tickets usually appear at the shop every weekend, and 60 tickets may cost you 80 gems. The value increases many times when you combine Tickets with Token Doublers.

How to Get Legendary Brawlers

4. Mega Boxes

Apart from all said methods, there’s a chance to get a legendary character instantly by opening Mega Boxes. It doesn’t mean you should start purchasing mega boxes from the shop.

We suggest you push your trophies higher and prefer to use a set of brawlers to avoid facing any difficulty when you are pushing. In short, the game awards you a mega box for every 1000 trophies from 8k onward.

Although it’s tough to pull a legendary character, there’s a chance.

How to Get Legendary Brawlers

Drop Raters of Box

  • Power points + coins: 94.2000%.
  • Rare Brawler: 2.7216%
  • Super Rare Brawler: 1.2096%
  • Epic Brawler: 0.5472%.
  • Mythic Brawler: 0.2496%
  • Legendary Brawler: 0.0720%
  • Star Power: 1.0000%.

5. Game Mechanics

The game introduces a mechanic to help those players who don’t have any legendary characters. To see your legendary drop rate, click the info button in any chest.

The chances of pulling a legendary character are directly proportional to the number of boxes you open. In short, the game increases the chances of getting a legendry brawler for every box you don’t get a character.

Although the defined mechanic sounds cool, it is still pretty tricky to pull a character. Therefore, I’ve shared some effective ways to open boxes.


If you have all types of rewards, the chances of getting the rest of the rewards increases in Brawl Stars.

If you have opened up a few boxes without catching any character, then the chances of getting higher rewards increase many times; however, if you open a few boxes without getting any new characters, the chances of getting a legendary brawler increases many times when you open the box next time.

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