AFK Arena Artifacts Tier List 2024: Best Artifacts, Ranked

AFK Arena Artifacts Tier List

AFK Arena comes up with a variety of rare gear that you can equip to increase your player’s stats and perform better in the battle against other heroes.

They are available in the peaks of time or the trails of god events on the game map, and each artifact has a unique power that no other artifact in the entire AFK Arena features

The game currently offers seven artifacts along with 13 other artifacts which are specific to character classes only. If you have some artifact fragments in your bag, use them to increase the strength of each artifact instead of wasting them.

You will be able to unlock new perks as you increase the power of the desired artifact. 

Best Artifacts In AFK ARena

Here is the ultimate ranking of the best artifacts in AFK Arena so you can work to get your hands on the right artifact and increase the desired stats. 

Chaos Bringer

Chaos Bringer is the best choice for Saurus, izold, Warek, and the monkey king, thanks to its 15% attack boost and 20 acc boost. Compared to the thesaurus blade, the damage is way better, especially in Soren fights and 90s wrizz.

By upgrading the chaos bringer to one star, deal 180% area of effect damage to all the nearby enemies. 

After upgrading it for the second time, the area of effect damage increases to 220%, along with the haste and the life leech. This is the best choice for any warrior, but it can trigger the special ability of the heroes mentioned above faster. 

The Barricade

The barricade has become the go-to artifact for Hendrik and Arthur in AFK Arena as it can protect further damage after a few powerful blows.

You can only activate one barricade at a time and can’t stack various barricades for added effect. Equip the barricade if the enemy is attacking you with an area of effect. 

It lets you protect your hero from all kinds of damage for a total of 12 seconds after the first upgrade. The three-star upgrade gives you the ability to charge the shield again after 20 seconds while charging the second ability of the shield after 15 seconds.

Dura’s Grace

Dura’s grace is the first artifact you can equip during your AFK arena journey that comes up with some pretty good stat bonuses to increase the survivability of your hero.

If your hero is agility-based or has the ability to dodge all oncoming attacks, dura’s grace will work perfectly for you. 

Suppose features a 20-dodge bonus with an overall 15% HP boost to neutralize enemy attacks greatly and increase your overall health. The first upgrade will let the shield soak 120% damage for 5 seconds, while the third upgrade increases the damage soaking ability to 220%. 

Dura’s Eye

You can get the eye of the dura artifact from the secrets of forest event to enjoy ten bonuses of all critical hits along with a 10 PR bonus. This artifact is the perfect choice for you if you love to take heroes with good critical damage on your journey. 

When you upgrade it to five stars, the eye of dura becomes one of the highest damage dealing artifacts in the entire game, and you can place it on any non-warrior hero as well.

It also increases the attacking speed by 20% for a total of three seconds after a critical strike. 

Dura’s Call

Dura’s call is the perfect artifact for eironn, gorvo, or lorsan as it offers the key opening abilities that these heroes lack earlier. You can get it in the rest in peace event in AFK Arena to restore energy points after every few seconds. 

The number of energy points being restored increases with each upgrade, and the five-star dura’s call allows you to share all the remaining energy points among other heroes.

The maximum stats it provides are 10 MR bonus points and 15 MSPD bonus points. 

Dura’s Drape

Complete the far frontier event to get the drape of the dura and enjoy the 15% defense bonus along with an increased health recovery rate. The health recovery rate increases with each upgrade and the last upgrade will give your hero the ability to generate more health as the health falls. 

If you want to support your teammates or defend your base from any enemy attack, combine the drape of dura artifact with The Forsaken Child, Mehira, and Nemora.

Equip it with talene to get the healing benefit because she will revive faster with the artifact.   

Dura’s Blade

The blade of dura offers an attack boost of 10% along with a 25 ACC bonus to deal large-scale damage to the enemy and kill them in a few hits. If you are planning on fighting a boss in AFK Arena, combine this blade with talene, flora, Brutus, etc., as their ability to deal damage increases with the duration of the battle. 

You can complete the marsh of viper event to get the blade of the dura and enjoy every increasing attack rating percentage.

The five-star upgrade of the Dura blade increases the attacking by more than 1.5% along with the ACC by 3 points after a three-second interval. The scaling is based on a percentage of stats, so choose a hero who has a better attack rating.

Dura’s Chalice of Vitality

If you are a frontline hero who wants to take enemies from the front row and deal the most amount of damage, the dura’s chalice of vitality is an ideal artifact for you. It will increase your character’s health by 1.5% for the first 45 seconds of your encounter with the enemy. 

If you struggle mid-fight or at the early stages of a battle, choose this artifact for a health boost and a defense boost when you need it the most. You need to complete the savage wastes event to get this go-to tank relic.

You can upgrade it to five stars for an 8% HP boost and a 5% defense boost.

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