Genshin Impact: Where to Find Valberry (2023)

Where to Find Valberry in Genshin Impact

In Genshin Impact, your two main jobs are increasing your party’s power and slaying deadly monsters to become more powerful.

Harvesting resources won’t only help you buff your weapons and give them additional bonuses, Hint: These are some great Genshin Impact backpacks for you to buy.

Besides, if you are one of those players searching for locations to discover Valberry in Genshin Impact, here’s a guide for you.

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What is Valberry in Genshin Impact?

If you don’t know about Valberry, here’s a quick overview. It is a pulp that comes with a sweet, refreshing taste and fragrant smell. Valberry is a specialty of Mondstadt, and it uses for Characters Ascension, such as:

  • Rosaria
  • Lisa
  • Noelle.

Before starting your struggle of finding Valberry, you should keep in mind that they are only available in limited areas making farming both easy and painful.

If you need this crafting material, you have to explore (Stormbearer Mountain or Stormbearer Mountain Point) in the north area of the Mondstadt region. Keep these locations in mind as they are the only places Valberry will spawn.

So, when it comes to farm material, you will have to spend more time on these cliffs.

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Where to Find Valberry in Genshin Impact
  • Stormbearer Mountain
  • Stormbearer Mountain Point.

How to find Valberry in Genshin Impact

Locations are already mentioned above wherein pulps are available in massive quantities.

Apart from that, finding locations isn’t easy, but you have to discover a few of them if you take leveling certain Mondstadt characters seriously.

Therefore, you should know that the pulp grows in corners and are very tiny that it can be missed easily. But if you make progress throughout the game, then farming Valberry to make harvest becomes easier.

Where to Find Valberry in Genshin Impact

Valberry Locations In Genshin Impact

As I said earlier, the Stormbearer region is Mondstadt, where Valberry grows. Explore the world and start finding a few plants out there, but keep in mind that each has four berries on them.

Later on, the ascensions require you to wait for a few days to obtain what you are looking for.

Furthermore, the surrounding areas are fully populated with pinecones; when finding Valberry, don’t forget to pick up pinecones for use in recipes.

If you run across Chloris, you will discover a wondering flower girl who comes there with five Valberrry for sale. Each Valberry will cost you 1000 Mora; however, the flower girl will restock after three days.

Genshin Impact Valberry Farming Explained

Since Valberry (Pulp) is a specialty of the Mondstadt region, the developer has set a two-day spawn time.

Once you have successfully unlocked the Realm in Chapter 1, purchasing the Jade Field Farming Plot becomes possible, and it will cost you 300 Realm Currency.

Where to Find Valberry in Genshin Impact

Afterward, you have two options: purchase Valberry from Realm Depot or harvest it with a Dispensary gadget. To get the gadget, achieving the Inazuma Reputation Rank 3 is mandatory.

Once you have done all, get ready to plant the seeds in the Jade Field.

Valberry Uses In Genshin Impact

You can use Valberry only in raising the Ascension ranks of three characters, such as Lisa, Noella, and Rosaria. So, you must harvest up to 168 Valberries if you want to level up your characters.

Unluckily, the use of Valberry for crafting any weapons, potions, or food is prohibited.

Therefore, picking up these pulps is useless unless you use either of these characters. If you aren’t familiar with Lisa, let me describe briefly that Lisa is a mage who centers on lightning orbs.

Besides, Noella is a Geo character, serving as a tank and can absorb damage from enemies.


That’s everything you should know about Valberry in Genshin Impact. Finding locations is a bit tricky, but following the steps mentioned above might help you get tiny pulps.

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