Genshin Impact: Nameless Treasure Location (Complete Guide)

Nameless Treasure Genshin Impact

Did you know? Nameless Treasure isn’t an ordinary quest to complete, and the game won’t lead you to the location where it is buried.

Although Nameless Treasure unlike the shrine of depths is hard to find, it is rewarding and fun to see when completing the secret quest.

Before starting, you should keep in mind that there are three types of Nameless Treasures, and it might be possible that you already have some of them in your inventory.

If you don’t know where to find Nameless Treasures, keep the given locations in mind with no order restrictions. 

  • Qingxu Pool
  • Lingju Pass
  • Dunyu Ruins.
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Nameless Treasure Genshin Impact – Locations and Solutions

If you don’t know, then let me clear that you can sell Nameless Treasure in Liyue to collect in-game currency; however, you must first learn how to get them and then decide when and where to sell for money.

We’ve compiled a Nameless Treasure Guide to help you find locations to be awarded. 

1. Nameless Treasure in Qingxu Pool

To complete the hidden quest, the availability of the “Geo” character in your party is mandatory. Upon finding Zhongli, Ningguang, or Noelle absent from your party, you should react instantly and turn your traveler into the Geo Element.

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It can be completed by merely interacting with the Statue of the Seven found in the Liyue Region. 

To discover the Nameless Treasure, you must reach the location highlighted in the image given below. Once you arrive at the said location, you may find different buildings of stones covered by water. 

To get the nameless treasure, you have to locate 5 Geo Signs and utilize each one; however, finding geo symbols could be a headache; therefore, we’ve compiled a guide. 

  • The first geo symbol you can discover between two small pillars; meanwhile, the rest of the symbols you can find beneath the roof. 
  • Four Geo Symbols are hidden under the roof as mentioned above, and all are located to each other. 
  • Once you activate all symbols, come back to the platform to discover a Luxurious Chest. Open the chest to find the Nameless Treasure as a reward inside it.

2. Nameless Treasure in Dunyu Ruins

To complete the secret quest, you need to add both Geo and Pyro characters to your party. Once you find both characters in your party, the go-ahead to explore the Dunyu Ruins, wherein you spot some Seelies.

Start guiding Seelie’s as it could be your objective to complete later; however, first, you have to light up all four torches using your Pyro character. You can find the torches in the locations given below: 

  • In the water.
  • Find the torch next to the Geo Pillar.
  • The third one is available at the height next to the Geo Pillar.
  • To find the last one, you have to jump the square and move toward the lake to discover a torch.

Once all is done, go close to the Geo Pillar and attach to the lake. As the lake disappears, the valley appears on the scene with a small pond holding a Luxurious Chest. 

Nameless Treasure in Lingju Pass

Surely, you would be curious to know about the last Nameless Treasure in Genshin Impact. You have to complete a side-quest titled “And the Treasure Goes To.” To unlock the nameless treasure, reach the area highlighted in the image given below.

Once you arrive, discover the Luxurious Chest hidden behind a giant golden tree.

All locations are mentioned above to visit and find the nameless treasures. Once you get your hands on all treasures, return to Liyue Harbor, where you can sell the treasure to Linlang.

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