How to Get Rare Fish in Cats And Soup (2023)

How to Catch Rare Fish in Cats and Soup

Cats and Soup is an adorable cat game you can play on mobile, which is available on both the Apple and Google Play Store.

Here, you raise cats in a peaceful animal forest where they boil soup in cauldrons to sell. You’ll encounter many breeds of cats you can play dress up with and take cute pictures of that are wallpaper-worthy. 

Although these cats are capable of cooking meals, as the owner you’re still responsible for feeding them. It turns out that these cats aren’t really cooking for themselves, or perhaps they just don’t like soup. Even in the game, cats can’t live without fish.

There’s a fishing minigame that lets you angle 18 types of fish to collect and feed to your kittens. Some of them are small, frequent, legendary, or rare. This guide tells you everything you need to know about rare fish and how to catch them in Cats and Soup.

Let’s get started.

What are Rare Fish in Cats and Soup

There are three fish breeds for each category of fish in the game. For the rare fish category, you have the Halibut, the Bream, and the Yellowtail. Catching all three rare fish gives you a special order reward (+5%). The more stars a fish has, the higher its value is.

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The Halibut is a green rare fish with a 10 stars level.

The Bream is an orange rare fish with a 20 stars level.

Despite the name, the Yellowtail is a blue rare fish with a 25 stars level.

Feeding your cats doesn’t only just fill their empty stomachs but also improves their performance in cooking. You increase a cat’s happiness by feeding them fish. Cats also get hearts when they are fed fish, and more hearts mean an increased price for all dishes that the cat’s station supplies.

For example, if you place a cat that has 3 hearts in the carrot station, the dish price of soup raises from +100f gold to +130f gold. The dish price will also double increase if the cat has two stars and a matching carrot skill, which would make it +260f gold. 

It’s best to feed a lot of fish to the cats with a higher star level, which increases how much more money you get each time you upgrade the ingredient of the related station.

How to Get Rare Fish in Cats And Soup GamesBustop

However, take note that this not only raises the price of carrot soup. Instead, this increases the base price of all soups. Other than feeding cats fish, you can also get an aquarium to display all your rare and legendary fish.

You can also store the fish for safekeeping until you have found a cat to invest in. While you can sell the fish in the fishing pond, we recommend that you don’t as it’s much harder to get fish than gold.

How to Catch Rare Fish in Cats and Soup

How to Get Rare Fish in Cats And Soup GamesBustop

If you’re just beginning to play Cats and Soup, you may notice that you won’t be able to fish yet. That’s because the fishing minigame can only be unlocked after some time. Once you have crafted the Bulletin Board and Peeling Corns station, you unlock the Fishing Pond, which costs 1000B gold to build. 

Now that you have a pond, you’ll need to create a fishing rod. Once you have a rod, you can now start fishing! To tell if a fish bites a hook, just wait until the fishing rod vibrates.

To feel the vibration, you’ll need to make sure you have vibration enabled in your settings. When it vibrates, this is the time you have to reel in the fish. It’s important to note that you only have five baits at your disposal, so once you have depleted them, you’ll have to wait for 2 hours to get enough bait again.

In a day, you can fish up to 14 times. So expect this to be a long ride, especially when you’re trying to catch rare fish.

How to Catch Rare Fish in Cats and Soup

However, some veteran players have come up with a theory that the number of hearts you currently have increases your chances of finding rare fish. Try to get most of your cats to at least two hearts to see if you can get rare fish.

Another way of telling what fish is nibbling on your rod is by looking at their movements. Most minnows make a beeline or hang around before jumping toward the bait.

If you think it’s a minnow (which everyone gets all the time), you can pull your rod away before they completely bite and pull on the bait. In that case, you won’t be wasting bait.


Alright, that’s a wrap for this guide on how to catch rare fish in Cats and Soup. It’s one of the best idle cat games out there right now if you don’t mind having to watch countless ads.

While it can get tough running a cat business, you barely feel it because of the game’s fantasy forest art style, relaxing ASMR, and soothing music playing in the background. Plus, you get to play with adorable cats all the time. 

To relieve some stress while waiting for fish bait to accumulate, you can do other things in the game like getting new recipes or adopting new cats. If you want to learn more tips and tricks for this game, we have more Cats and Soup-related guides cooking up!

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