Water Elevator In Minecraft: How to Make & Use It

water elevator in minecraft

Ever since the inception of the game, Minecraft has always tried to push its boundaries and show us what a great sandbox game truly is.

They’ve added a ton of mechanics over the years, some of them were really good, and some were questionable, regardless of that, these features are what makes Minecraft the game we all grew up to adore.

When you think about the gamer you might imagine a great-looking build or a big confusing Redstone contraption depending upon the style of play you prefer.

When building big bases, it becomes important to address the issue of moving in the base, as if the tools and important items are placed far away from each other you’ll need a faster transportation technique.

On the surface something like an ice-boat road may work just fine, but how can you travel vertically, that too at breakneck speeds?

Water elevators! These compact and extremely useful contraptions are really cheap to build and can transport you vertically to any height in the game at great speeds. You can even build an elevator that goes up and down, making it an ideal contraption to put in your Minecraft home!

Many Minecraft builders hate doing Redstone, they say it is too complicated and ruins the freedom the game gives you. But that’s not true at all Redstone is pretty easy if you understand the fundamentals, and besides that, a water elevator doesn’t need a single Redstone dust.

Yes, an elevator can be created in Minecraft by simply placing two blocks underwater!

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water elevator in minecraft

How to build a water elevator in Minecraft?

A water elevator is pretty easy to build once you know how it works, then you can actually scale up the elevator design and also add some extra contraptions that’ll make the elevator more useful.

The soul sand block in Minecraft is a pretty nasty-looking block, it has a texture that shows souls screaming in the nether. Though the idea behind the block is grim, the uses of the block are pretty noble for you the player. And one of these properties will help us out in our endeavor to build a water elevator!

When the soul sand block is placed directly under a water column, it’ll start emitting bubbles, and these bubbles aren’t for vanity, they actually will push you in the upwards direction, making it the ideal choice for our water elevator.

Though this sounds pretty easy, in practice it might take a lot of time because the block above the soul sand block will have water source blocks, if they are flowing the water won’t push you up and will not function as an elevator.

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And you also have to make sure to enclose the water column at all four sides with some solid block, or you’ll move from side to side which isn’t a great situation to be in!

Once you have your enclosure ready, place the kelp block all the way through the tube. And then go to the top and pour a single bucket of water, the water will flow towards the bottom and the entire tub will be filled with flowing water. But we need source-block water, right?

To achieve this, simply break the kelp, when kelp is surrounded by water, it automatically changes all the water blocks in which it’s growing in water source blocks leaving you your water column without much hassle!

Once this is done you will have a nice water tube now the only thing left to do is make another one and you’re done! Place a soul sand block at the bottom of one elevator and the magma block under the second elevator and VOILA! You have built yourself a water elevator with just a couple of common blocks!

The next thing left to do is make an entrance, but when you break the enclosure water flows out, so how can we enter?

The answer is signboards! Signboards, place signboards against the enclosure wall and the water won’t flow out and you’ll have yourself a fancy entrance. Now you can decorate the entrances on both the elevators, and make them blend into your base.

water elevator in minecraft

You can achieve a great effect if you use glass blocks for the enclosure of the elevator, this will look cool in modern houses!

Can you make a water elevator in bedrock?

The bedrock version of the game is almost similar to the JAVA version of the game, in fact, the bedrock version is better optimized and runs well. And yes you can build a water elevator in the bedrock version of the game using the same building technique that was mentioned above in the article!

How do you make a down bubble elevator in Minecraft?

To make an up-bubble column, simply put a soul sand block under a water column to make a down-bubble column, place a magma block instead. To have best of the both world, make sure to make two distinct water elevators and place a soul sand block in one and the magma block in another!

Why does my water elevator not work Minecraft?

The basic structure of a water elevator is pretty simple and almost everyone can make one using little to no rare blocks, this doesn’t mean the elevator will work flawlessly every time you build one, especially if you’ve never built one before and this is your first attempt.

Most of the time the issue lies in the bibble column, there might be a leak or a water block would be flowing, to avoid this use the kelp technique mentioned above in this article.

Sometimes the soul sand or magma block would be placed out of its desired location, you have to place these blocks under the bubble column, keep that in mind and you’ll have no problems whatsoever!

Water elevators are really fun and easy to build, if you’re totally new player of Minecraft Redstone, this contraption is the best way to get into it!

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