Minecraft Magma Blocks (How to Farm & Use It)

Magma Blocks Farming Guide

Minecraft has grown immensely since its inception; not only the blocks but also the mobs and features which the devs keep adding in the game are ridiculously fun to play.

The Minecraft experience is one that many cherish to this day. Rightfully so, with so many blocks and features, every player develops his own style of play.

As the Minecraft community grew, so did the features in the game. The 1.10 update introduced us to a new light-emitting block, known as the Magma Block!

The Magma block is a strange block; it emits light and inflicts fire damage when a player or an entity steps on it. Though the block doesn’t set the player on fire, the damage from it will surely kill you.

In Minecraft, light sources are an essential part of any base. Hence, having multiple options to light up your base isn’t a bad idea. Magma blocks give off a different glow which players can use to set a moody environment to their base.

Minecraft Magma Block Features

Today we take a look at the features and uses of this block so that you have a better understanding of the block the next time you play the game!

Minecraft Magma Block Features

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What is a Magma Block used for in Minecraft?

Magma blocks naturally generate in the nether, mainly near the basalt delays and other biomes as well. The block can also be found near ruined portals in the overworld; in short, getting your hands on these bad boys is easy.

Suppose you don’t find any blocks naturally generated. In that case, you can always kill some magma cubes and use magma cream to craft magma blocks. Magma cream can also be crafted using blaze powder and slimeball!

What is a Magma Block used for in Minecraft?

The Magma block has some interesting properties and uses. It can be used to kill mobs in a mob farm efficiently. It can be used as a light source; it looks great in a dark and grim-looking base. The texture of the magma block makes it look like a volcanic rock which can be used as a decorative block.

There are endless possibilities when using it as a decorative block.

Many players use it as a defensive measure around their base, due to t which the approaching zombies and players get killed. But this can easily be avoided by crouching on the block, which negates all the damage.

Minecraft Magma Block Features

What do Magma Blocks do in water?

But the most essential property of the block is its whirlpool creation. When a magma block is kept underwater, I will generate a whirlpool, which will extend up to the highest and last water block right about it. Due to which many players use it as a lift in their bases.

It sucks the player into it at a breakneck pace. It also allows the player to breathe underwater when crouching on it.

Combine this with soul sand, and you have an elevator. The sound sand pushes air bubbles up, which also pushes the player up.

What do Magma Blocks do in water?

Do magma blocks push you up?

No, Magma block doesn’t push you up; that job is done by soul sand; magma blocks suck you in towards it.

Can you use magma blocks as fuel?

No, you can’t use magma blocks as fuel as there is no fire coming out of them. It is a popular misconception that magma blocks burn the layers; no, they do not. They only inflict damage; the player or any other mob doesn’t catch fire when standing on the block.

If you want a stable fuel source other than coal, you can use buckets of lava. Fill a 2X2 space with lava, giving you unlimited lava, ergo unlimited fuel for your furnaces!
A fuel bucket can last as long as 1000 secs, which is a lot compared to coal for which you have to grind all day.

Can you get Lava from Magma Blocks?

No, you can’t get Lava from Magma blocks because there is no correlation between a magma block and lava. Though they both can be found in the same dimension and close to each other, they are not related whatsoever.

This misconception became popular due to the texture and glow of the Magma block, it looks like lava does through the partnership and seeps through the cracks, but that isn’t the case.

In fact, Magma blocks don’t even set anything on fire; they just inflict damage; it is one weird block!

How to farm Magma Blocks In Minecraft

There are three different ways to go about this; we’ll explain each one.

Magma Blocks Farming Method 1

Simply take any pickaxe and go mining in the nether. The nether has a ton of magma blocks lying around near lava lakes and basalt delta biomes. You can get unlimited magma blocks through this method. But the nether mobs will come for you; if you’re able to fight them off quickly, then this is the best way!

Magma Blocks Farming Method 1

Magma Blocks Farming Method 2

Magma blocks can be crafted using magma cream. This magma cream can be crafted by using blaze powder and slime balls. So if you already have a blaze farm and a slime farm in your world, getting your gans on this cream will be a cup of tea.

If you don’t have the necessary farms, don’t worry. There are a lot of designs available online!

Magma Blocks Farming Method 3

If building two farms seem tedious to you, you can just put on your armor and head straight into the nether and kill some magma cubes.

These mobs drop magma cream, which then can be used to craft magma blocks. If you want to speed up the process, try building a magma cube farm. There are multiple simple designs available on youtube.

Magma block is a great block; it has many unique properties and can be helpful in many situations. In addition to that, getting your hands on the block in bulk isn’t even that tedious, so you can use it to your heart’s content.

We love this glowing block a lot, and we hope Minecraft devs keep adding great light-emitting blocks like it!

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