Minecraft Black Dye Sources & How to Get It

How to Get Minecraft Black Dye

In the early days of Minecraft, when Notch handled the development himself, he has stated that he’d like to add a paint feature after he figures out how to. And in the 1.2 updates of the game, Notch finally added the dye feature we all know and love today!

Dyes are an integral part of the game from the start, but concrete’s introduction caused a popular resurgence of dyes. The creative-minded people adored these new features and created great-looking builds and bases!

There are 16 different dyes in Minecraft as of the 1.17 update, and we don’t see anymore being added any time soon, as the 16 existing colors are all we need to create incredible textures and builds. However, the way of obtaining these dyes is different for the different colors.

Depending on the color, the dye can be obtained mainly from flowers, sometimes bones, and ink sacs. It is essential to note how to acquire every dye as we might need them for some build someday.

Dyes are an outstanding customizable feature in Minecraft; you can get any color you want, which shows how Minecraft lets creative people do their thing. Just go onto the internet and see how people use this power of color and transform normal-looking builds into art pieces!

As mentioned earlier, there are in total 16 different dyes, and the process of acquiring them varies from color to color. Today we’d like to focus on the black color, which is regarded as one of the most sinister and grim-looking colors.

Minecraft Black Dye Explained

Minecraft Black Dye Explained

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Black dye is one of the most used dyes in the game of Minecraft; the dark color blends seamlessly in with the night sky, making it a perfect color to be used in places where you need a dark environment, for example, dungeons!

Just like any other dye in the game, you’d have to gather the necessary materials first to craft black dye. Then, it can be crafted using an ink sac or a wither rose.

How to get black Dye in Minecraft?

Minecraft Black Dye Explained

A black dye can be obtained via two sources; we’ll first cover the ink sac method. To acquire ink sacs, simply put on your underwater gear, i.e., underwater breathing potion and armor with enchantments that suit the expedition.

Then go to your nearest ocean and find some squids to kill. Simply kill these squids, and they’ll drop a good amount of ink sacs; in an hour, or so you should have well over a stack of ink sacs collected in your inventory.

Put these sacs into the crafting table, and boom, you have black dye! Though this approach is straight forward, after a certain point, it becomes tiresome to keep killing squids, especially if you want a lot of these ink sacs.

Minecraft Black Dye Explained

 To tackle this issue, simply build a squid farm; tons of videos on the internet guide you. With the help of these farms, you should quickly get 2-3 stacks of ink sacs every hour!

Where do you get black dye flowers in Minecraft?

Minecraft Black Dye Explained

The wither rose is a vicious flower in the Minecraft Universe; it doesn’t grow naturally anywhere in the world and neither in the nether or the end. It can only be obtained when a Wither kills a mob, leaving behind a wither rose.

The rose is vicious and will give you the wither effect when you contact it; the result is similar to the posion status effect and affects the player’s health. Due to this, it is used in traps and defense against mobs and other players!

Minecraft Black Dye Explained

But getting your hands on it is challenging to say the least. Because fighting the wither is hard, so no one summons it most of the times, and even if you can defeat it, it’ll cause massive damage to the surrounding, and you’ll get a mere 5-6 wither roses.

There’s a trick around this as well, but it requires trapping the wither, which even the PRO players can’t most of the time, so a wither farm is out of the question. But if you still insist, then their are a plethora of videos explaining how to make a wither rose farm on Youtube.

What is the rarest flower in Minecraft?

The rarest flower in Minecraft has to be the wither rose just because of how tedious it is to get. However, other flowers are pretty easy to get, primarily if you’ve located a flower biome that has a ton of flowers growing in it.

Apart from that, most of the flowers just appear naturally, the wither rose isn’t like that; it requires a death to spawn. So whenever the wither kills a mob, a wither rose appears. Due to this, the wither rose is the rarest flower in Minecraft!

Apart from its rarity, the flower also has tons of uses in the game. The damaging property of the flowers allows us to use it in a mob farm as mobs take damage when they walk on it. Though it might not kill them efficiently, it is an excellent way to make a semi-automatic farm where you get experience points and the loot from the dead mobs.

The flower is also used in making suspicious stew which gives the player the wither effect on its consumption. So basically, it is a stew that is excellent to prank your friends!


The black dye acts as a great tool when used in grim and dark bulbs; it enhances the look of your leather armor and can make white sheeps black! The black dye is excellent, and now you know how to get the due without much effort.

Both methods of acquiring the dye have their pros and cons, and it’s up to you, the player, to decide which way to use; the wither method will be life-threatening and will also cause a lot of damage if the wither escapes.

On the other hand, killing squids is easy and can be done using standard tools, so the squid killing method is superior!

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