Minecraft Dragon’s Breath Explained (2023)

Minecraft Dragon's Breath Explained

Minecraft is one of those games which you can play without having a particular goal in mind. I mean, sure it’s fun to beat the game over and over again.

In fact, people spend a lot of time trying to speedrun and finish the game as fast as they can. If you don’t already know it, You should look up the world record (you’re in for quite the shock).

I personally find the building aspect of the game to be quite fascinating and fulfilling. I wouldn’t say I make some of the grandiose structures that you might come across on the internet but I’m pretty proud of myself for the ones that I do build.

And there’s so much to explore and resources to hoard, some people don’t even beat the game. And considering the gear that they possess, it won’t even be that difficult for them.

That being said, there are some things in the game that you can only obtain if you beat the game, or in other words; by killing the ender dragon. 

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Obtaining Dragon’s Breath In Minecraft

If you’re a newbie and have no idea what I’m talking about. The Ender Dragon is widely considered the final boss in Minecraft. And while you can still play and explore after beating it, you’ll have essentially beaten the game.

As I mentioned above, you won’t find Dragon’s breath by mining. As the name suggests, this item is quite literally obtained from the ender dragon’s breath and sadly there’s no way around it. 

If you want Dragon’s Breath, you’ll need a bunch of glass bottles for starters. Once you have the bottles, find the end portal (Make sure you have a good set of gear and weapons, dying is not fun). 

As crazy as it sounds, you need to literally scoop the dragon’s breath (which is cloudy particles that it emits if you’re confused)after it attacks with your bottle. The Dragon’s not very fast, so if you’ve learned how to evade mob attacks you’ll have a good chance of not getting burned alive.

But this is all for naught if you don’t know where the ender dragon actually is.

Ender Dragon Location

This process is not at all easy and your experience in the and motivation to actually find the Ender Dragon are some of the factors that will determine how quickly it is accomplished. 

In order to find the Ender Dragon, you’ll need to find the end portal. The End Portal can be found in the Stronghold (which is of course filled to brim with annoying mobs).

The Stronghold can only be found if you have the eyes of the ender. The eyes of the ender are to be quite literally thrown in the air, once you throw them you’ll be led to the stronghold. 

The eyes of the ender can be made with Ender pearls and Blaze Powder.

To get Ender Pearls, just kill as many endermen as you can. Blaze Powder will prove to be a bit more annoying, you need to kill a bunch of Blazes who will drop blaze rods, those blaze rods can then be made into Blaze Powder. 


Dragon’s Breath might be considered a very rare and hard-to-get item in Minecraft. But there is not a lot you can do with it, only one thing actually. 

The only use for Dragon’s Breath in Minecraft is that it’ll help you make Lingering Potion.

Now, if you think that’s lame then you should know that the Lingering Potion is a very useful thing. Combined with slash potions you can use it to devastating effects.

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