How to Make Milk in Little Alchemy (2023)

How to Make Milk in Little Alchemy

Little Alchemy is a lighthearted game that gives players the ability to combine different elements together. The results are sometimes realistic, sometimes surprising, and sometimes even educational.

Since there are over 580 elements to play around with, there are hundreds of unique combinations for players to try and so many different things can be made.

However, it’s not completely straightforward and some things can be difficult to figure out since the game’s motto itself states that every combination is like a puzzle.

Dairy products are always fun to make in Little Alchemy, and one of the most sought combinations is that of making Milk. So, how do you make Milk in Little Alchemy? Here’s a simple and fast guide that you can follow to make that happen!

How to make Milk in Little Alchemy

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It’s very easy to make Milk in Little Alchemy. There are two combinations that you can use to make Milk in the game.

The first method to make Milk in Little Alchemy is to combine a Farmer and a Cow together.

The second method to make Milk is to combine a Cow and a Human together.

Both methods make sense in the real world as well, since even a normal human can milk a cow with a little bit of effort! So, that’s how you can make milk in the first Little Alchemy, which is also referred to as Little Alchemy Classic at times.

How to make Milk in Little Alchemy 2

In Little Alchemy 2, the methods that are used to make Milk are more varied and diverse. The biggest addition is the fact that you can now use Goats to make Milk too, now just Cows.

And there are 8 ways in total to make Milk in Little Alchemy 2, so let’s go over all of them.

The first method to make Milk in Little Alchemy 2 is the same as the first game, which is to combine a Farmer and a Cow.

The next methods include a combination of:

  • Cow and Water
  • Cow and Tool
  • Cow and Liquid
  • Goat and Farmer
  • Goat and Tool
  • Goat and Water
  • Goat and Liquid.

So, everything that works on a Cow also works on a Goat and they share the same methods. And of course, the basic Cow/Goat and Farmer from the first game still works here.

However, the Cow and Human method has been removed and no longer works in this game.

It’s certainly great to have all of these different combinations to make Milk in Little Alchemy. And Milk is a very useful ingredient in the game as it can be used to make things like Butter and Cheese.

And you can also combine it with things like cats. And in the second game, you can even combine Milk with Santa to make a gift! There are many combinations and it’s up to you to figure them out.

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