The Best Bow Enchantments to Use in Minecraft

best bow enchantments for minecraft

Minecraft’s freedom in gameplay lets you play the game in any way that you like, which even allows you to completely skip many of its amazing if they just don’t fit your playstyle.

However, if you do participate in the combat and hunting aspects of the game then you’ll come to learn very fast that Bows and Arrows are very effective to use in the world of Minecraft.

Whether you like to keep a distance from your enemies or just like the way it feels, the bow and arrow is a very fun tool to have at your disposal. And they’re in general one of the best ways to deal with the creepers without having to be in a risky radius around them.

Like with swords and other weapons, the Bows in Minecraft can have enchantments applied to them, granting them new abilities and stats that enhance your experience and give you more power. 

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The Best Minecraft Bow Enchantments Ranked

It can undoubtedly take a lot of time to figure out which are the best ones, so here’s a guide on the best bow enchantments to use in Minecraft.

7. Punch (Knockback)

Punch has the same effects as the Knockback enchantment but it’s used on bows, and it gives you the power of pushing back your enemies each time you hit them. It’s very beneficial to use it if you’re crowded by many enemies or are fighting a fast enemy that you want to keep a distance from without having to use a sword.

It’s clear though, that it’s a situational item that can’t be used as a primary effect so make sure you know what you’re doing – and it’s also going to be hard to manage in PvP unless you’re just looking for some fun.

6. Curse of Vanishing

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The Curse of Vanishing enchantment is best used in PvP, as there’s not much point in having it equipped in single-player or co-op because the AI is not really going to do anything with your loot. 

The point of using it in PvP is that if you equip it to your best bow and go into war against other players or factions, when you die you won’t drop it for them to pick up, instead the item will quite literally die with you. 

5. Power

The Power enchantment increases the overall damage of your bow by a generous margin, and leveling up to its max potential will allow you to deal 23 heart damage when the shot is fully charged (whereas the average is only 9).

It’s very difficult to gain the fifth level of the enchantment though, which requires you to use the Anvil and to combine two separate bows that are level 4 each.

4. Flame

As the name implies, the Flame enchantment grants you the ability to set anything on fire as you attack them. It’s effective in almost any offensive situation that you’re in and even helps extra with PvP as sprint does not work when you’re on fire.

Additionally, animals that you attack with the Flame enchantment are immediately cooked which saves time and fuel.

3. Mending

best bow enchantments in minecraft

Since almost every weapon in Minecraft breaks after a certain amount of use, the only way to grant them extra durability is to apply the right enchantment for the task – and that’s where Mending comes in. Once equipped, every time you kill enemies and they drop XP orbs, picking them up will act as a regenerative item for your bow and automatically increase its durability by a bit.

2. Infinity

Infinity is easily one of the best and most useful enchantments for bows. Once equipped, as long as you have even a single arrow in your inventory – you can shoot an infinite number of arrows for as long as you like. Unlimited arrows, seriously.

It’s also very similar to piercing, a viable enchantment for crossbows in Minecraft.

1. Unbreaking

Unbreaking is an interesting variation to Mending and ultimately is still about increasing your weapon’s durability. What makes it different and arguably better is the fact it does not need any immediate factors like collecting XP orbs, and instead just allows you to have a one-time upgrade that, on its highest level, can go as far as to slightly over 6000 uses before breaking.

Combining it with something like the Infinity enchantment gives you a nearly indestructible bow with unlimited arrows – so keep those combinations in mind when you use it.

We hope you found the best bow enchantments to use in Minecraft that suits your playstyle! If you have any questions or opinions, let us know in the comments below.

And while you’re at it, don’t forget to check out some of our other helpful gaming guides.

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