The Best Minecraft Survival Servers (2023) Updated

Best Minecraft Survival Servers

Minecraft is quite possibly the most versatile game ever made. Your creativity can be truly let loose and the game almost encourages you to try new things. 

This game is definitely ideal if you wish to avoid all human contact and not leave your house for a month straight. However, it’s also ideal if you like playing with other people.

Minecraft Survival Servers offer you a chance to play with other people, and not all servers are the same. 

Top Minecraft Survival Servers

Here is a list of the best Minecraft Survival Servers of 2022.

8. KiwiSMP 

IP Address:

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This may not be a particularly large server but I truly enjoyed the community. And before you ask, no, it’s not a server full of kiwis. The server is actually from the United Kingdom.

The version is 1.18 and Cross-Platform is supported. You can play the OneBlock Skyblock and of course, there’s the survival mode. There is also the EarthSMP which has a Government-Policies ratio of 1:500.

7. Mox MC

IP Address:

Mox MC is also one of the simplistic Minecraft Servers on the list. And some of you do prefer the simplistic servers over the flashy ones. 

And while Mox MC may not be flashy, it does attract a lot of players quite regularly. The version of Minecraft is regularly updated so you shouldn’t worry about that. 

This server also has a very active discord community, having more than 40000 members. 

6. Applecraft

IP Address:

Applecraft is an American server running on the latest version of Minecraft. While my experience may differ from others but I have found it to be a bug-free server.

The server has strict rules as far as raiding and griefing are concerned. Some of the special features of the server are the Custom Players Shops and the SetHomes voting features. 

5. Hypixel Minecraft Server

IP Address : mc.hypixel

This is one of the most popular and populated servers out there. It has a lot of game modes such as Hunger Games, Parkour, PvP, KitPvP, RPG, etc. 

I must say the staff seems to be very dedicated, especially where cheating is concerned. And there is no waiting time in the lobbies. 

4. Earth MC

IP Address :

As the name suggests, this is a server that’s quite literally a sandbox of the Earth itself. 

I must say this server can be quite overwhelming at first, and very easy to get lost in. As you might imagine, every map is custom built and you’ll find every nation in the world included. 

You must know that this is nothing like the regular Minecraft Survival even though technically it is survival mode.

3. Vanilla Europa 

IP Address :

Vanilla Europa is one of the most peaceful servers I’ve ever encountered. As far as I know, Toxicity is unheard of. 

The server is mostly focused on survival as a group. There are wholesome features such as community grinders and marketplaces. 

2. Purple Prison

IP Address: 

Best Minecraft Survival Servers

Look I know that the community has some strong opinions as to where Prison Servers are concerned. 

The haters believe that the people who like prison servers should go to prison and the prison server fan is enraged enough to make that reality by strangling the haters. That being said, if you are a fan of Prison Servers, this is the one for you. 

And if you don’t already, it’s more than just a prison. Once you earn the money to free yourself there’s a whole other side to the server that needs to be explored. Full of towns, gangs, ruthless people, and more.

1. SurviveWithUs

IP Address:

Best Minecraft Survival Servers

I know people have their opinions but personally, this is my favorite Survival Server out there. 

The Development team is very talented. They have spent a lot of time developing a fun reward system for the various activities on the server. And of course, there’s the money that you can earn by killing mobs which never stops being satisfying.  

There you have it my fellow gamers, my top 8 Minecraft Survival Servers. 

The list is of course heavily based on my personal preferences, so differences in the ranking and the servers themselves are expected. 

And of course, I’d like to point out that you should definitely try the Purple Prison server even if you are not a fan of Prison Server, I think some of you might actually end up liking it.

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