Bitlife: How to Become A President

How to Become A Singer

If you dream of becoming a President in Bitlife, keep in mind the task isn’t easy as you are considering. It requires hard work, proper knowledge, and timely action to become the President and get the ribbon.

Firstly, you should know that Bitlife is a platform where your dream comes true as it allows you to become whatever you want in real-life. On the other hand, you have several ways to participate in fun-filled activities.

Furthermore, the game releases a new challenge every week that lasts for four days. The participants who complete the weekly challenge will get four treasure chests to choose one and claim a rare item, the latest we’ve written about is how to break free from prison.

Dreaming of becoming the president of your country and ruling over the nation, then we’ve compiled a guide for you. 

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Requirements to become a President in Bitlife

Before achieving any goal, you have to learn the basic rules and understand the requirements first, then start acting your way to reaching the end.

Similarly, you should know what things to keep in mind when starting your struggle to become the President, as it isn’t an easy profession to achieve. There are different requirements available that you must meet before running the country.

Fortunately, all players are allowed to test their luck to become the president. 

  • Your age should be above 35 years if you want to rule over the United States. 
  • Bitizenship is mandatory; otherwise, a few options will remain invisible to you. 
  • You should have at least $4.99 to pay and become the President. 
  • Do hard work your way to earn money and spend to make your election campaign successful. 
  • Become a popular personality before participating in the election; otherwise, people won’t elect you.
  • Keep your looks and smart statistics high, almost above 90%. Keeping both stats high may improve the chances of your winning. 

How to become A President in Bitlife? 

Bitlife offers you a chance to enjoy the life you want to experience in real life without any limitations. Although becoming a president isn’t an easy task, you can achieve your goal following the steps given below.

In short, we’ve compiled a “How to Become a President in Bitlife Guide” to help players. 

  • First off, decide the country like the United States or Mexico where the presidential system exists
  • Go to school and keep your “Smarts” Stats as high as possible, and you can do this by achieving good marks and showing the best performance in your class. 
  • In the next step, keep your focus on improving your looks, and it can be done by keeping yourself well-dressed. 
  • Start finding the way to participate in politics after completing your graduation from high school. Next, you can either go to University to study further or become a politician. 
  • When you are in college, keep political science as your primary subject and start finding ways to earn in-game money. 
  • Learn about networking and start spending time with people surrounding you who are involved in politics. Following the method may help you make your campaign successful. 
  • Get hired as a School Board Director and start making money to gather up to $10000. 
  • Once you complete the step and collect lots of money, start to struggle to get a ballot and upon getting approved, try to go through different methods and find out what will work for you. 
  • When running your campaign, keep your eye on the stats and learn about the thoughts of your people regarding you. 
  • Join Social Media Platform and keep posting daily to increase your fans, followers, and popularity. 
  • Struggle to get a verified sign next to your profile title as it helps you gain the trust of your people. 
  • Keep your eyes on the approval rating during the election to become the President. 
  • It will help if you become a mayor first. That is only possible if you complete your one term as School Board Director. 
  • After that, you should become a lawyer and server for ten years. 
  • After completing all steps, you are ready to become the president of your country if you meet all the requirements. 

As mentioned above, becoming a president isn’t an easy task as it requires a lot of objectives to be done before reaching the final process.

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