Genshin Impact: How to Get Small Lamp Grass (2023)

How to Get Small Lamp Grass

Small Lamp Grass is a “Wild Grass” that you can harvest in Genshin Impact.

If you are one of those players who are curious to learn how to find and use them to make your character stronger, then here’s a complete Small Lamp Grass Guide for you. Besides, it requires for character Ascensions of Eula, Fischl, Diluc, and Amber as an essential item.

This guide includes the hot spots to farm this herb to harvest and we’ve made it easy like we’ve made finding virtually everything including the shrine of depths easier in Genshin Impact.

Furthermore, you don’t need to worry as I have got you covered and compiled a guide to help you find Small Lamp Grass in Genshin Impact.

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Small Lamp Grass Location In Genshin Impact

It would help if you kept in mind that Small Lamp Grass is the specialty material of Mondstadt and can be discovered in particular areas, such as: 

  • Galeson Hill
  • Starfell
  • Windwail Highland.

Here we recommend you to keep visiting the said locations to get a decent amount of Wild Grass. However, seeing the route after a few days may go in your favor. It can be found in other locations, such as Inazuma, Liyue, and Mondstadt.

Besides, it usually emits light at night; therefore, finding them when the night falls would be easy for almost everyone. Second, it is used in cooking to improve flavors. 

Where to find Small Lamp Grass?

Here’s where and how to find small lamp grass in Genshin Impact.

Whispering Wood

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  • Whispering Wood is the favorite location of most players as they can discover Wild Grass almost everywhere in one area alone.
  • To get to that location, you have to use Starfell Valley Teleport Waypoint and make your way to the North. 
  • Once it is done, keep yourself stick to the right side of the road, and soon you will come across several fields full of Wild Grass (Small Lamp Grass).

Galesong Hill

  • Near the Whispering Wood, you may discover another location, known as Galesong Hill. 
  • You have to use the Temple Waypoint or Teleport yourself to the Galesong Hill Waypoint to reach the location. 
  • Once you reach there, keep yourself stick to the Cliff and discover an area of 5-10 full of Small Lamp Grass. 


You can visit a final location, keeping the Small Lamp Grass farming idea in mind. Before starting, reaching the targeting location is mandatory, and here’s a guide to help you get there: 

  • Teleport yourself to the Windwail Highland Waypoint and keep going after heading Slightly North. 
  • Next, check the map to discover the marked locations by the clover on the map given below and reach the area of 9-15 Small Lamp Grass

Thousand Winds Temple

While following the path, we suggest you keep running until you Thousand Winds Temple. For further details, follow the steps given below to reach the destination: 

  • Once you reach close to the Temple, find the road on your right.
  • Soon, you will reach the area of 5 Small Lamp Grass. 

Small Lamp Grass Craft Usage

Using Small Lamp Grass, you can craft four different items, and they are the following: 

ItemCraft TypeRecipe
“Once Upon a Time in Mondstadt”CookingRaw Meat ×3Potato Potato ×3Small Lamp Grass Small Lamp Grass ×1Cheese Cheese ×1
Pile ‘Em UpCookingRaw Meat ×3Potato Potato ×3Small Lamp Grass Small Lamp Grass ×1Cheese Cheese ×1
Sunshine SpratCookingButter Butter ×3Fish Fish ×3Salt Salt ×1Small Lamp Grass Small Lamp Grass ×1
Woodland DreamCookingButter Butter ×3Fish Fish ×3Salt Salt ×1Small Lamp Grass Small Lamp Grass ×1

Small Lamp Grass Ascension Usage

After learning about Craft Usage, here you will know what characters require Small Lamp Grass to become stronger, and their names are given below: 

  • Diluc
  • Fischl
  • Amber.

How to get Small Lamp Grass Seeds in Genshin Impact 

If you are looking to purchase Lamp Grass Seed, you should keep one thing in mind it’s a furnishing item that usually farms in A Path of Value: Jade Field.

You have an option to harvest the Small Lamp once found fully grown. Furthermore, you can get Small Lamp Grass Seeds by gathering Small Lamp Grasses using the Seed Dispensary Gadget.

You can also get Small Lamp Grass from Shops of Flora at Floral Whisper, but 5 Grass will cost you 1,000 Mora. 

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