How to Complete Eriana’s Vow Catalyst in Destiny 2

erica vow catalyst in destiny 2

Destiny 2’s Shadowkeep expansion introduced a few new exotic weapons as soon as it came out and they have been rated pretty high on the tier lists since.

One particular weapon that got a lot of attention is the Eriana’s Vow hand cannon which is so overpowered that it functions more like an effective shield-breaking long-ranged weapon than a handgun, here’s new info on the Dead Messenger Catalyst.

It can deal bonus damage as soon as the first shot and its exotic status grant it extra properties such as the ability to hold more ammo and reload automatically when not in use. So, naturally, everyone wants to try the weapon out for themselves as soon as they come to learn of its existence.

Unfortunately, the weapon is rather difficult to unlock and requires many goals to be completed before they can get their hands on it. The percentage per match of unlocking this weapon is a little less than 1%, so it takes a lot of time to get anywhere with it. So, just how do you unlock the weapon? We’re about to answer that question.

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Completing Eriana’s Vow Catalyst

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The very first thing that you need to understand here, as mentioned above, is that the weapon takes a long time to unlock due to how overpowered it is – so Bungie isn’t just about to hand you something over that can essentially make the game’s progression faster for you than ever.

While usually there are turnarounds to do things quicker, unfortunately, that is just not possible here because every slightly quicker way to get it is expired as of 2021 and was merely available as a seasonal thing.

So, what you do to unlock it is waiting for whenever it’s a part of the rotation (something that Bungie said would happen in the near future), you have to play as many Crucible matches, Strikes, or Gambits and hope to complete them as soon as possible.

The more you complete, the more chances you have of getting this weapon, or most of the others too at the given season that they’re around in.

I wish there was more advice to offer here but there is sadly nothing else to say. So, to sum up, everything:

  • You can only gain this weapon when it’s available in the rotation. Its initial season is over and while the method of gaining such weapons is the same at all times, you will get an entirely different weapon instead of this one.
  • How you get the weapon is to play as many Crucible, Strike, or Gambit matches as you can and hope for the percentage to become higher for you to gain the weapon. It’s quite RNG and you have to rely on the game to essentially consider giving it to you.
  • Bungie has stated that many of the unique exotic weapons will return in the rotation with time and the Eriana’s Vow truly feels like one of the most obvious choices for that to happen considering the fact it is such a famous weapon and is known for its mindless grind – which makes it obvious that many people missed out on it in time.

So, there we have it. That’s how you complete Eriana’s Vow catalyst in Destiny 2 to gain this awesome hand-cannon-cum-sniper!

We hope this helped you out and we will be sure to update this article if the weapon ever returns into the rotation. And while you’re here, don’t forget to check out some of our other helpful guides too.

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