How to Get Clay In Stardew Valley (2023)

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Clay is an essential resource in Stardew Valley, especially if your want to make retaining soil. Not only that but clay is also used to make garden pots, brick floors, building soils, etc.

So Clay can be convenient if you have an abundance of it lying around in your base.

Stardew Valley is a recent RPG that has been making a lot of noise because of its enjoyable yet straightforward mechanics. The game has seen critical praise and also is well received by fans. Every minute detail in the game has been taken care of by the developers.

For example, like getting clay, they could’ve added some resource that provides clay and be done with it. Still, they have added 2-3 methods of acquiring clay, and each way is unique. 

How to get clay in Stardew Valley?

Now that we know the uses of clay and why it is so essential for you in the game, the question arises, how do you get enough clay to make to fulfill your needs in Stardew Valley. You’ll be needing a lot of it to make pots and retain the soil.

But the game doesn’t make it any easier for the player; the game doesn’t tell you how to obtain clay in the game. You’d have to look up the wiki to get a slight idea of the process.

But don’t worry, this guide will explain everything so that you can start mining some clay right away.

As mentioned earlier, there isn’t a right or a wrong way of obtaining clay; there are 3 different ways to use either one of them. That being said, some methods will be more productive than others, and most of the time, you won’t even get a lot of clay because it is rare for some reason in the game.

clay stardew valley

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2. Artifact method

In stardew valley, you might’ve seen these artifacts lying around in the ground many times. These artifacts provide you with exciting loot sometimes, but they also provide you with clay sometimes. So that’s the first way of obtaining clay in stardew valley.

This method isn’t full proof, though. You’d have to grind a lot if you want a sizeable amount, and there’s not a lot of artifacts lying around in the world anyway. These artifacts are a little rare, so this method isn’t effective at all.

Get Clay In Stardew Valley

2. Geodes

When mining, you might’ve run into geodes many times; these geodes are like packaged surprises for you from nature. These geodes can contain a lot of resources, including the thing we’re looking for, Clay. It can be found inside these geodes sometimes, so don’t expect a lot from it.

To obtain these geodes, you’ll first have to break open rocks in the mines m and takes these geodes to the blacksmith who’ll open them up for you; you might get loot and clay as well.

Get Clay In Stardew Valley

3. Digging up sand and dirt

If you don’t want to follow the above two methods because they’re too tedious to follow, you can go with this method that doesn’t require much skill. You simply have to start digging up sand or dirt randomly on the surface.

And if you’re lucky, you might get some clay in return, but then again, you don’t get clay too often using this method.

Still, it sure is pretty easy because you only have to dig at random places at any time of the day you want, and if you get lucky, you get clay!

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