How to Swim In GTA 5

How to swim in GTA 5

Want to learn how to Swim in GTA 5? This is the guide for you.

Something that evaded the mastermind criminals of Claude Speed and Tommy Vercetti, since Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, the majority of protagonists have been able to not drown in bodies of water.

The three main characters of Franklin, Trevor, and Michael are all comfortable in everything from hot tubs to the Atlantic Ocean, with the Online Protagonist equally buoyant.

Controls and Mechanics

The player can swim as all four potential characters in any body of water. Movement remains the same as on land, controlled with the left analog stick and the camera with the right analog stick (both consoles).

Holding A/X will make the player perform a front crawl at a faster pace, and tapping the same button will cause a front crawl at the maximum possible pace.

Players can dive in water that is deep enough by using the RT/R2 button. When underwater, the left analog stick will pivot your direction and the A/X button is used to move forward. You can also use a knife while underwater to attack.

When underwater, you’ll have an oxygen bar appear next to your health and armor, the duration of which is determined by the character’s lung capacity skill. Lung Capacity can be increased by 1 point for every thirty seconds spent submerged (this is cumulative and not continuous).

If your oxygen depletes, your health will then rapidly begin to decrease, resulting in being “wasted” if you do not return to the surface for oxygen.

Scuba Diving

How to swim in GTA 5

In GTA V and Online, the player can now use Scuba Gear to stay underwater indefinitely. This equipment is obtainable in single-player when exiting from a Submersible, Dinghy, or Kraken, and in the missions Monkey Business and the Freight Approach for the Merryweather Heist.

Scuba Gear cannot be stored in the inventory in any way once you’ve returned to dry land as it will be discarded.

Scuba Gear should not be confused with any Scuba Suits in the single-player game as these are just cosmetic and do not provide the function that the Scuba Gear does.

In GTA Online, the Scuba Suit can be bought in different variations from the “Outfits” section in clothing stores for around $150,000 and (unlike single player) comes with the Scuba Gear allowing for unlimited water exploration.

How to swim in GTA 5

Alternatively, players can purchase Rebreathers for $5,000 in GTA Online from Ammu-nation to provide the same function, except these have a limited supply and will eventually run out. The player can have 20 canisters on their person, and each canister lasts 30 real-world minutes.

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