CS:GO Dust 2 Best Smoke Spots, Ranked (2023)

Dust 2 Best Smoke Spots

Compared to all the other CS:GO maps, Dust 2 is the most popular, and it is a dream come true for players when they finally master this map.

To master this map, players have to learn about angles, spots to throw smoke grenades, and more.

A smoke grenade has many benefits in CS:GO, and it can turn the tide of the match in your favor if everything goes according to the plan.

It doesn’t matter that you are a new player or a veteran who grew up in the streets of the Dust 2 map, learning is the same for everyone, and there are no shortcuts.

With sheer commitment and practice, you will master the art of throwing a smoke grenade at the perfect angle to assist your team members in killing enemies in seconds.

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Dust 2 Best Smoke Spots

Although these spots vary from player to player, each player has a different spot based on their gameplay. But this article features the overall best smoke grenade spots in the Dust 2 map tested by pro players

If you aim according to the below-given guidelines, you can successfully pull off what is known as pro move and finish enemies. 

xBox from T Spawn

By throwing a smoke grenade from this spot, you will be able to block off a very important angle to let your team walk towards safety in case you get attacked. To pull it off, you need to go to the T spawn and stand in the small corner near the back wall. 

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After reaching the given point, look at the mid and line up the crosshair with the edge of the wall and the top of the small turret ahead. Jump and release the smoke grenade when you are at the highest point of the jump to increase its reach. 

xBox from Top Mid

Alternatively, you can accomplish the same task from the top mid, but you need to catwalk crossing towards A short. First, stand near the wall on the top mid and try to place your crosshair at the edge of the wall for throwing a grenade. 

For better aim, use the two windows as a reference and place the crosshair at the wall where you both windows. Look up words and place the crosshair at the three cracks near the wooden planks. Go for the running throw by moving a few steps ahead and then throw the grenade for the best effect. 

A Short from Mid

If you are in the team of terrorists, this position is best, especially if you want to push the A bombsite with full force. If any CT personnel are stationed nearby, this smoke grenade will block their vision for some time, giving you enough time to reach your objective. 

You first need to go to the xBox next to the mid doors and align your crosshair with the left rope. Equip some grenades and look towards the tower up ahead. Keep your crosshair near the right corner of the tower.

Throw some grenade without making any other moment for everything to go according to the plan.

A Short One-Way

This grenade throwing method is similar to the previous one, but you need to go to the A short spot instead of the A bombsite this time. Players go for this method compared to other methods because you can see all the enemies between A cross and the A car even through the smoke. 

Go to the cage door and align your crosshair between the free space of doors of the cage. Look at the wall on the left side and place the crosshair right above the window. You don’t need to run or jump to pull this shot perfectly and can throw the grenade when you sense that enemy is nearby for best results. 

A Short Default

This is the best grenade throwing angle for pushing towards the A short spot on dust 2.

It is similar to the A Short from Mid spot, but you need to stand at the corner between the white and the wall next to the cage door. Look towards the short stairs and aim the crosshair at the top lining of the wall a few inches away from the wall to throw the grenade without moving. 

CT Spawn from Short

With this method, you will be able to take control of Site A and stop CTs from pushing towards your location. This also works best if your team moves from the A long to the main A site without letting the enemy know about anything. It would be best if you reached the left of the metal door on A short when pulling this off. 

Look towards the direction of site A and line up the crosshair with the top right corner of the big building with blue decorations. Throw the smoke grenade without moving the crosshair from the given point to blind your enemies with thick black smoke for a minute. 

A Long Corner from T Spawn

This smoke grenade spot is a favorite of many players as it enables them to push the A long by crossing the doors while CTs are guarding the long door. Go to the t spawn and stand next to the half wall and crouch to check whether you are adjacent to the edge or not. 

After checking your position, stand up and position the crosshair at the left edge of the pole right next to the brown patch.

Press the jump key to jump while in this position and throw the grenade when you are at the highest point of the jump to make the grenade land next to the target. 

Wrapping It Up

Now that you are aware of some of the best smoke spots in Dust 2, along with their angles and everything else.

It is time to try them yourself and make necessary adjustments according to your needs. Experiment with all the grenade throwing spots and angles for better results instead of sticking with the same angle all the time.

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