Pancham Pokemon Go: How to Catch, Evolve, Best Counters, Moveset

Pancham Pokemon Go

Pokemon has added almost every Pokemon from every generation at this point. With every new addition to the game, it keeps on getting better. The players went crazy when mega evolutions were added from the Kalos region.

But there also are other Pokemon from Kalos which are loved by the community. One such Pokemon is Pancham, who is an adorable fighting-type Panda-like Pokemon. It evolves into the menacing Pangoro at level 32, which doesn’t look adorable at all.

This easy-to-follow guide will give you all the information regarding Pancham, one of the coolest pokemon in Pokemon GO.

The best counters to this Pokemon, the best moveset, and how to catch it when you spot it in the wild. So without further ado, let’s get right into it.

Pancham Best counters

Pancham is a fighting-type panda, which directly references the Kung Fu Panda movies. It is a fighting type Pokemon; it ought to be weak against Pokemon, which have Flying, Psychic, or fairy types. It will also be hurt if you use moves of these types.

The top 5 Pokemon to go against a Pancham are Calyrex (confusion, Psychic), Hoopa (confusion, psychic), Mewtwo (Confusion, Psychic), Deoxys (zen headbutt, psycho boost), Zacian (quick attack, play rough). As you can see, every Pokemon uses moves that Pancham is weak against.

Suppose you don’t have access to these Pokemon. In that case, you can always use other Pokemon who have moves similar to the ones mentioned above.

These Pokemon are – Espeon, Alakazam Azelf, Gardevoir, Hatterene, Honchow, Braviary, Gallade, Meloette, Exeguttor, Tornadus, Beheeym, Staraptor, Unfezant, Victini, Jirachi, and Celebi!

How to catch Pancham

Once you have the Pokemon+the moves that will trounce Panvham, then you can catch the Pokemon without any hassle. A single Psychic attack from your Pokemon is enough to take down this fighting Panda as it doesn’t hold that much HP anyway.

Pancham isn’t a very strong Pokemon, to begin with; it will most likely be found outdoors and not so much in raid battles. Due to the timid nature of this Pokemon, you can catch it very easily if you know what you’re doing.

It also isn’t scarce to find; in fact, you find one quickly if you look for a while.

Pancham best moveset

Once you’ve managed to capture the Pancham, the next step is to equip it with some deadly moves that you can use in raid battles and PvP competitions.

Any moveset should have a combination of activities that has the highest damage output per second, or DPS. This DPS will bridge the gap between you and your win in a match, so it is essential.

If we take into account the DPS, then the best movesets for Pancham are as follows – 

Low Kick+Body slam (38.3 DPS) or Low kick+Crunch (33.9 DPS)

Both these movesets will be enough to take care of the opponent’s Pokemon as they provide the optimal damage output.

What Level Does Pancham Evolve In Pokemon SW-SH

Pancham Pokemon GO

Pancham is from the Kalos region and resembles a young Panda. It looks up to its evolved form Pangoro as a leader and tries to imitate its behavior. It simply idolizes its evolution and keeps leaf with him to look even cooler!

Pancham’s shiny form is brown in color, and you can catch it in a similar way that you catch a normal Pancham.

But just so you know, the appearance rate of shiny Pancham is significantly lower than that of a normal Pancham when you’re traveling.

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