Minecraft Luck Of The Sea Explained

Minecraft Luck Of The Sea Explained

Minecraft added enchantments to the game a long time ago. This drastically changed the approach of players toward the game.

Before that Minecraft was seen as a steampunk type of game, but after the addition of magic via enchantments, it became very clear that Minecraft is something more.

There are tons of enchantments out there with varying levels which increase the strength of the enchantments. Playing the game without enchanted gear just seems lazy to be honest, as once you get a full enchanted set of tools and armor the game becomes easier and much more fun.

Enchanting isn’t that hard and almost every player can wrap his head around it. One such enchantment is Luck Of The Sea which many players don’t know about. So let’s take a detailed look at it.

What is Luck Of The Sea in Minecraft?

Luck of the sea is an enchantment in Minecraft which does what its name suggests. It gives the player extra luck to get treasures or fish while fishing.

The only reason why many players don’t seem to know about this enchantment is that its uses are unclear. The enchantment is only used for fishing rods, which to begin with isn’t the most popular feature of the game. Hence not a lot of people bother with it.

Minecraft: Heart Of The Sea

But fishing is a really powerful skill that you should know in Minecraft as it will fulfill your important needs.

Luck of the sea has 3 different levels, each level increasing the chance of you getting treasure and decreasing the chances of getting junk. Level 1 will increase the chances by 7.1%, level 2 by 9.2%, and level 3 by a whopping 11.3%.

These numbers may seem not that significant at first, but when you fish with maxed fishing rod, you save a lot of time whilst getting a ton of loot

Why use Luck of the sea?

The answer to that question is pretty simple, to increase your efficiency while fishing. But this s a very vague notion, why should a player even bother fishing, to be completely honest, it’s boring.

So why would such a boring task be undertaken by the player? For one thing, and that is mending books!

Mending books are one of the most useful items in the game. The mending enchantment is so good that the developers were thinking of nerfing it. For those of you who don’t know, Mending is an enchantment that basically repairs your gear in exchange for EXP.

So in theory, you would never have to mine a single ore or diamond ever again. But such a great enchantment comes at a cost, the chances you getting mending on even one of your tools are slim.

Alternative techniques use villagers which we all know are so hard to handle. So the only way to get mending books efficiently is fishing. And that’s why every Minecraft player should care about fishing if they want to play the game the right way.

Hate fishing?

No matter how much we tell players about the benefits of fishing with the luck of the sea, they would still never use it. So an AFK fish farm is best for such players. Just set up an AFK fish farm and leave it be, and when you come back you’d have a ton of loot. More than you could ever collect in Minecraft!

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