Minecraft Snapshot 21w17a Adds New Noodle Caves to The Game


The Minecraft snapshot cycle has been going on in full force since the announcement last year. The caves and cliffs update is going to be the biggest update the game has ever seen. The number of features loaded into this update is unfathomable.

This week’s snapshot did not pack a lot of content but it still managed to add features that will excite every Minecraft player just like it excites me.

Noodle caves!

minecraft noodle caves
Image: Minecraft

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The major part of the update is about making the existing caves more fun to explore and adding newer cave biomes and generation if necessary. The old generation wasn’t the best and did not fit the standards of gaming in 2021. So to tackle this issue, many new cave types have been added.

This week we got noodle caves! The name describes the generation pretty nicely. The caves generated in Snapshot 21w17a are like random threads or noddles scattered around. The caves are claustrophobic and a bit too uneven. Most of the caves lead to a dead end. The developers will have to tweak that a bit.

Spaghetti and cheese caves have also been added previously in the game, the names sound funny but the cave generation is mind-blowing, to say the least.

Changes to Ores

The copper ore now drops anywhere between 2-9 raw copper when mined with a fortune pickaxe. This feature seems a bit overpowered, but you have to realize that this is not the final build and things will change.

Apart from this, the raw copper blocks will now generate naturally along with ore veins. They are rare though. The veins that were generating in the world, if found by the player will give a ton of raw ore to them, the scarcity of these veins will be tweaked in the future updates though.

In addition to this there were minor bug fixes but nothing important.

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