Top 10 Best Quality of Life Mods for Minecraft (2023)

quality of life mods minecraft

Minecraft is known for its flexibility in gameplay as it’s a sandbox video game with endless possibilities. It has so much content that every person can play it differently based on their preferences since it’s a combination of many genres such as role-playing, simulation, action, farming, and so on.

However, when a game’s best quality is its customization capabilities – it’s only natural that mods are an important aspect of its community.

Minecraft is extremely compatible with mods and it’s impossible to find someone playing the game without using some of them since the game does not consider them cheating. You can play the game online very easily with mods and they are encouraged greatly by the developers.

Whether you’ve been playing Minecraft for a while or are new to it, quality of life changes can improve any game and the number of things that can be changed in this game particularly is surprisingly massive.

It’s always a good idea to try out something fresh – and that’s why we’re here to show you the top 10 best quality of life mods for Minecraft that you can install right now! Without wasting any time, let’s jump right into it.

1. JourneyMap

journey map minecraft

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If you’re personally not familiar with modding Minecraft, you might have heard your fellow players mention JourneyMap a lot of times. You might have felt lost at times if you ever wanted to return to where you embarked on your journey from or just wished in general that you had a better record of the places that you’ve visited so far.

JourneyMap helps with this problem as it maps out every place that you’ve visited thus far and adds it to your Minimap.

You can toggle the map on and off whenever you like, so it’s never in-your-face but also there exactly when you need it. Additionally, you can even mark certain places down if you wish to remember the coordinates to it.

And last but not least, if you’re not in a mood to be an explorer and want to have an idea of what you’re surrounded with – the map can preload a good chunk of the map for you so that it’s already in place.

It’s a great mod for all kinds of players and can be very beneficial for those who like to travel. You can get the map ‘here’.

2. AstikorCarts


If you ever felt like your inventory is not big enough to carry more items but also didn’t want it to feel unnaturally big – then this mod is the perfect middle ground.

It allows you to use a Transportation Cart to carry large amounts of items with ease, no longer limited by inventory slots. It can take a bit more time to move the goods, but it’s certainly worth it in the long run.

You also get a Plow with this mod that makes it easier and much faster to till your soil compared to how much time it takes usually, so if you always wanted to speed the process up then the AstikorCarts is going to be a great addition to your game.

You can get it ‘here’.

3. Optifine

optifine quality of life mods minecraft

Optifine has two purposes which are both very useful for players. The first one is that it adds great new lighting, better textures, motion blur (optional), better FPS, and the ability to customize the visuals to better suit your interest.

If you ever wanted a few graphical tweaks to the game or realistic graphics, then this mod will keep you busy with its long list of options for a while.

The second thing that this mod does is increase frame rates. So, if you thought your game is a bit slow when there’s too much on the screen – you can now use this mod’s tweaks to fine-tune your FPS and make the game run smoother than ever.

You can get this amazing multi-purpose mod ‘here’.

4. Here’s What You’re Looking At

Here’s What You’re Looking At

Minecraft has many different types of items and blocks. There’s no shame in admitting that a lot of times we’ve just looked at something and wondered what the block really is and what can be done with it. Usually, you either have to ask someone, experiment with the item, or look it up on search engines for an answer.

Fortunately, with Here’s What You’re Looking At, you can simply hover over any block and a small pop-up will arrive that contains the crucial information of what you’re staring at.

It’s a very useful feature that saves you a lot of time and it comes with some extra features too, such as knowing how well your forge is managing, the contents of a chest before opening it, and so on.

Of course, all of these pieces of extra information are optional and can be turned off if you prefer to play the game without it. You can get this informative mod ‘here’.

5. Storage Drawers

storage drawers minecraft

Ever felt bothered about the organization in Minecraft and wish it was better sorted? This mod adds literal storage drawers in the game which allows you to create individual drawers that are meant for specific items – vastly improving the way you can keep and display things in your properties.

You can even edit their colors and sizes, which makes the drawers even more personal for the player. And last but not least, it has a light indicator that lets you know how full a drawer is, saving you the time to check all of them one by one.

You can get the Storage Drawers mod ‘here’.

6. AppleSkin

appleskin Minecraft quality of life mods

Minecraft’s hunger mechanics don’t bother most people but for some it can be a bit annoying to not know whether the meter is closer to empty or full.

The AppleSkin mod makes the hunger mechanics visible to the player and lets you know how much of your hunger bar a certain food item fills up and it’s done in a very nice way that does not throw any annoying pop-ups in your way.

You can get this mod ‘here’.

7. EasierVillagerTrading

The EasierVillagerTrading mod

Trading in Minecraft is an important feature for many players but it can feel a bit slow and clunky at times. The EasierVillagerTrading mod greatly improves the trading system of Minecraft and provides you with faster and smoother ways to trade your items.

For example, clicking once initiates a trade, holding Shift, and pressing click to allow you to trade as many of the items as you can at once, and holding Ctrl and then pressing click allows you to prepare an item for trading.

These tiny quality of life changes can go a long way in conveniences, which is exactly what most traders want. You can get this mod ‘here’.

8. Clumps

clumps minecraft

If you’re someone who likes to spend a lot of time leveling up in Minecraft, you might be tired of running around to grab orbs already.

Fortunately, the Clumps mod changes that by collecting all the XP (experience) orbs for you in one spot where you can simply walk to and then get all of them at once.

This not only saves you time, it makes leveling up your tools easier too since you’re less likely to lose orbs. And as an additional feature, it also fine-tunes your game a little bit and reduces the lag that having too many orbs in one place can cause at times.

You can get this helpful mod ‘here’.

9. Schematica

Schematica minecraft

Remember when we used to trace paper and put scales next to lines so that we don’t accidentally draw outside of it? That’s essentially what the Schematica mod does for Minecraft.

It allows you to create outlines in which you can then start building your blocks so that you cannot accidentally waste any materials by slipping any of the blocks outside of your designated shapes.

It’s not an improvement that you can’t live without – but for many, this is exactly what they had been looking for. Don’t use its auto-block adding feature though (printer), as it’s bannable in most servers. Keep things manual and you’re good. You can get this mod ‘here’.

10. Mending Fix

Mending is one of the most important parts of Minecraft and one of its most annoying limitations is that whenever you pick XP orbs, a random item in your inventory that has Enchanted Mending will quickly absorb the experience gained.

This causes your Experience Bar to lose the XP that you had just gained against your will.

The Mending Fix mod allows you to select items that actually need to be repaired so that the XP only goes to items that truly need them – rather than the random distribution in the game’s default system.

It’s a change that can really save you time and effort and makes one wonder why it wasn’t a thing in the game itself.

You can get this mod ‘here’.

And that’s a wrap on our topic of the 10 best quality of life mods for Minecraft! We hope that you’re already downloading some of the mods to improve your Minecraft experience and while you’re here, don’t forget to check out some of our other helpful gaming articles too.

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