OSRS Anglerfish Spots 2023: Fishing Guide

OSRS Anglerfish Spots

Runescape is one of the world’s most beloved intellectual properties to ever exist, so when Jagex released Old School RuneScape in 2013, it was a wonderfully fresh new experience for players.

There’s so much content in the world of RuneScape that players can dive into the world for thousands of hours without ever even feeling a tinge of boredom. There’s just something mesmerizing about the pixelated graphics, and the old-school feeling of OSRS. 

There’s one thing about the game however that still confuses a lot of people, even those who have been playing the game for a while. Old School RuneScape’s most problematic and somewhat essential catch is the Raw Anglerfish.

It’s quite an elusive item to acquire in the game especially since there are no clear instructions on how you can acquire them. In this article, we will talk about where and how you can find the Raw Anglerfish, and how to acquire it!

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What Is the Raw Anglerfish in OSRS?

The Raw Anglerfish is a super rare type of fish found in Old School RuneScape. There is a very specific set of requirements to be able to fish this item, and it requires players to have at least level 82 in the fishing skill.

The Raw Anglerfish gives players 120 fishing experience on each catch of this hyper rare fish. 

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What Are the Important Requirements?

Here are all the requirements you need to catch the Raw Anglerfish:

  • Level 82 in Fishing is a mandatory requirement to catch an Anglerfish.
  • 100% Piscarilius Favour should be obtained by all players looking to catch an Anglerfish.
  • A Fishing Rod is obviously important if you’re looking to catch any fish, not just the Anglerfish.
  • The last thing you need is Bait and the Anglerfish requires the Sandworm bait in particular. 

Where to Find and How to Catch Raw Anglerfish:

Once you manage to reach Level 82 in Fishing and earn 100% Piscarilius favor, you can just simply head to the beach shore north of the main docks. You will already have a fishing rod at this point, so all you will need are the Sandworm baits.

These can be bought from Tynan’s Fishing Supplies which is located either nearby the fishing spot, or at the Grand Exchange. However, if you head to the Grand Exchange, it will take more time to purchase the bait upon each run and it will also be more expensive in terms of pricing.

The Anglerfish are located in the bait fishing spot south of Tynan’s Fishing Supplies, so purchasing one pack of the Sandworms bait from Tynan at a time would be more optimal. 

Once you have all of the required items, you can simply head up to the fishing spot and start catching the Anglerfish. The drop rates are quite plentiful, so players can expect to catch between 75 to 150 Anglerfish each hour.

However, this depends on your fishing level as well, the higher your level is, the more Anglerfish you will catch per hour. The Anglerfish can be sold at quite a high rate, so if you spend 13,500 on purchasing 150 sandworm bait and catch 150 Anglerfish, you can earn a profit of up to 180 thousand coins.

Moreover, you gain 120 fishing experience per catch, so you’d be earning around 18000 fishing experience per hour!


This was our guide on how to catch Raw Anglerfish in Old School RuneScape.

This is a highly exclusive item and it gets quite frustrating for players to understand how to acquire it. However, once you implement everything you read in this guide into your gameplay, you’ll be making a ton of profits and racking up a ton of in-game fishing experience!

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