How to Make A Drowned Farm In Minecraft

How to Make A Drowned Farm In Minecraft

Grinding is one of the most tiresome aspects of gaming. Especially in a game like Minecraft where your resources basically dictate your gameplay.

Now you can obtain resources by grinding normally, mining, and exploring till your eyes are fifty shades of red and the carpal tunnel makes you wish you never had a hand. 

Or you can choose a more forgiving route, which is using farms. There are various types of Farms in Minecraft. Including and not limited to iron, gold, and even villagers. In this article, we are mainly going to discuss drowner farms. 

About Drowned Farms

Drowned Farms essentially helps you gather a ton of experience and as well as loot by killing mobs. They are varied, they can be anything from weapons to gold. You can also obtain the famous trident which is arguably one of the rarest weapons in the game. 

In order to make a drowned farm, you’ll need a few essential things.

The Drowned are exclusively present in the deeper parts of the oceans. It will be a fool’s errand if you attempt to find them without a water-breathing potion, an enchanted helmet will also suffice. 

Below is a detailed guide on how to make a drowned farm. 

Minecraft: How to Make a Drowned Farm

The best approach to gain maximum out from a drowned farm is to filter the drowned into a particular place where it’s easy to kill them. But first, you’ll have to attract to that place. This place could be anything but ideally, it should be a dungeon room. 

This Dungeon room should contain a zombie mob spawner, bonus points if it’s near the overworld. You’ll also need a good weapon handy to harvest and clean out the place. Now once you’re fully prepared find a nice spot in the room and dig a hole in the floor. 

Filling this hole with water will make sure the zombies die (even though technically they are already dead) from the upstream of the spawner when they get scraped under it.

Doing this isn’t necessary, you can always kill them with anything but this makes things more convenient, it’s also quite fun to watch, to be honest.   

Also, make sure that the entrance of the room is blocked off and there are no holes in the walls so that the annoying zombies don’t manage to avoid their untimely deaths and sneak up on you.

But leave a tiny space for you to get in out of there without taking any damage. You can also transform this into a beautiful viewing gallery (I’m talking about a window made out of glass of course) to watch the zombies get elegantly murdered while you bathe in your triumph.

Killing Mobs

Killing the mobs will help you gain a lot of experience and loot. A large number of experience orbs can be obtained which as we all know can help you get good enchantments in the game

If the collection gets too tiresome, having a chest will make things convenient for you. It will also be convenient to have a mini base (with a bed, crafting table, etc) near the farm.  

Now the Trident, which is of course a much-coveted item among Minecraft players. It can’t be manually crafted, unfortunately.

Murdering innocent drowned is the only way to obtain it I’m afraid, and that too is quite rare.

If you’re interested in the statistics then I’ll have you know that there’s only a 0.53% chance of obtaining a trident from a dead drowned.

But you can use a looting 3 sword to improve your chances so it’s not impossible. My only advice is to have patience and keep grinding if you truly want it.

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