Minecraft: Sweeping Edge vs Sharpness vs Smite

Minecraft: Sweeping Edge vs Sharpness vs Smite

Minecraft is a game with endless possibilities; the amount of stuff you can do in this game is just daunting, to say the least. The different types of armors, weaponry, and enchantments available in the game make the combat very customizable and fun to play around with.

Especially enchanting in Minecraft is one of the most essential parts of the game. Yes, you can kill the dragon without enchanted weapons, but why would you do that when you can just beat the game easily by using simple enchantments on your weapons.

Three such enchantments are Sharpness, Smite, and Sweeping edge. If you’re a sword wielder in Minecraft, and it is your dominant weapon, you might be interested in knowing which enchantment works the best.

Sweeping Edge

The bedrock players might be confused right now because the sweeping edge enchantment isn’t in the bedrock edition of the game. Maybe we’ll get a parity update.

The sweeping edge enchantment does what it says; it gives your sword a sweeping edge so that you can hit multiple enemies in a single Swoosh! The sweeping attacks from your sword get even deadlier with this enchantment, which has a max level of III!

The enchantments are very good for crowd control and can only be used on a sword.

Minecraft: Sweeping Edge vs Sharpness vs Smite

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If you’re a melee attacker, the sharpness enchantment is for you. The sharpness enchantment increases the melee damage done by your weapon and has a maximum level of V!

The sharp enchantment can be used on both the sword and the axe, as the axe is considered a melee weapon in the game.

Smite In Minecraft

Similar to the sharpness enchantment, Smite also increases the melee damage inflicted by your weapon. This means your sword will become even more lethal than before, but smite has a slight variation from the sharpness enchantment.

Smite only increases the melee damage if you are attacking undead mobs in the game like the Zombie.

Similar to sharpness, it also has a maximum of V levels and can be applied on a sword or an axe; both are good melee weapons, though some would prefer the sword to an axe.

Sweeping edge vs. sharpness vs. smite.

As we’ve seen, all the enchantments bring out the best in a melee player’s ability to deal damage to their enemies. But which one is the best among them?

Depending upon the person you’re using, they’ll have different answers.

If you have a mob farm and grind for EXP, then a sweeping edge will be handy as you can kill a lot of moves at once, but if you’re a PVP enthusiast, then you might like the sharpness enchantment more.

You might like the smite enchantment if you have a zombie farm and prefer to kill many undead mobs. And even if you don’t have a zombie farm, the amount of undead mobs that spawn naturally is enough for you to get this enchantment.

But if we put aside exceptional use cases, the sharpness enchantment emerges as the clear winner in this race. As smite is only applicable to undead mobs and sweeping edge increase sweeping damage only, the sharp enchantment will get you the most out of your EXP.

Minecraft: Sweeping Edge vs Sharpness vs Smite

Best way to use an enchanted sword

If you’re an intelligent Minecraft player, you’ll know that such comparisons are futile because you can get every enchantment on your sword, increasing your damage-dealing capacity significantly. 

Suppose you can get one of the above enchantments. In that case, you surely know how to get the other, so it only makes sense to apply all the enchantments on your sword and become invincible in the game!

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