Lost Ark Ankumo Mountain Mokoko Seed Locations (2024)

Ankumo Mountain Mokoko Seed Locations In Lost Ark

We’ve compiled a guide to help you find all five Mokoko Seeds hidden in the Ankumo Mountain Area. In an Action RPG video game, “Lost Ark,” you can discover different collectibles and secrets as it features a variety of areas to explore; however, these items are required to unlock area rewards.

The game introduces a massive world that holds dozens of secrets; therefore, we jump in to help you solve the mystery and get your hands on all items you are looking for, including Mokoko Seeds.

Keep in mind that you can find some objects, unique places, and secrets to proceed with the gameplay; however, some monsters and bosses are beautifully hidden in areas that are difficult to discover.

Searching for these things may reward you with area advancement and great rewards. If you are one of those players searching for ways to find Seeds in Lost Ark Ankumo Mountain, then the solution is given below.

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How to find Ankumo Mountain Mokoko Seeds

There are over 1200 Seeds available in Lost Ark for players to discover, and five of them are hidden in Ankumo Mountain. While lots of players can stack up several seeds by merely exploring the environment, some can be elusive.

For those players who have been in trouble when finding Ankumo Mountain Mokoko Seeds, we’ve compiled a guide revealing their positions. 

Rethramis: Ankumo Mountain

It is the third area of Rethramis, and you can discover the following things here as follows: 

  • Mokoko Seeds – 5
  • Lookout Point – 1
  • Named Monsters – 1
  • Treasures – 10.

Keep in mind that finding collectibles is easier than any other area as it doesn’t include secret passages or special requirements that you must complete before going ahead. The only thing you need to fulfill your objective is the correct treasure map.

As mentioned above, five Mokoko Seeds are available in Ankumo Mountain, and each location is defined below to help you get that. 

Ankumo Mountain Mokoko Seed Locations

As mentioned above, there are five seeds that you can discover after exploring five different locations. The available locations are the following: 

  • Old Cathedral Ruins
  • Sacred Spring
  • Ankumo Bivouac
  • Borer Watch
  • Closed Border Post.

These are the five locations where you can discover the seeds; however, finding the exact point could be tricky. Therefore, we’ve compiled an in-depth guide to help you. 

First Mokoko Seed

After reaching the Old Cathedral Ruins, you need to search for the Wall Piece with three broken columns. To find the first Mokoko Seed, go against the Exterior Side of the wall that is available close to the broken column at the corner. 

Second Mokoko Seed

The second Mokoko seed is available next to an alight Torch in Sacred Sprint.

Third Mokoko Seed

After finding two seeds, visit the Ankumo Bivouac, where you will discover a small patch of grass between two large eggs.

Fourth Mokoko Seed

Near the Border Watch and in the top-right corner of the area, interact with Non-player Characters amidst the Green Cloud. 

Fifth Mokoko Seed

Visit the location highlighted on the map with the number 5 and go against the tower to discover the last Seed. To approach the location, you should go from the east. 

Once you have collected all five seeds, there is an option to check how many seeds you have. Tap the Adventure Tab available in the bottom-right corner of your screen.

If you find over 50 Seeds in your hand, you can exchange them for getting a reward in Mokoko Village. Otherwise, you have a choice of saving the seeds to purchase expansive rewards from Totoma in the near future. 

Indeed, there would be a question in your mind about where you can use these Mokoko Seeds and how to exchange them with rewards. Firstly, players from across the world have an option to exchange the currency for a series of the following items: Portions, Cards, and Blueprints.

Totoma comes with a set of titles on offer that may affect different stats and cosmetic items. The available rewards are the following: 

  • Totoma Card
  • Kindness Potion
  • Vitality Increase Potion
  • Crew Application Form: Cocorico
  • Stat Increase Potion
  • Mokamoka Card
  • Paradise’s Knight License
  • Eurus Blueprint
  • Shy Wind Flower Pollen.

For NPC Locations, You can exchange your Mokoko Seeds at Totoma.

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