Genshin Impact Aloy Build, Abilities, Ascension Materials

Genshin Impact Aloy Build, Abilities, Ascension Materials

All Genshin Impact players worldwide can choose Aloy as their playable character as she comes from Horizon Zero Dawn.

Aloy was earlier set for only players of PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 but now is available for Mobile and PC players after Patch 2.2. In this guide, you will learn about Aloy’s abilities and how to get her in Genshin Impact.

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Where Aloy Came From? 

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Did you know? Aloy is a playable female character borrowed from Horizon Zero Dawn, while she is a crossover character between MiHoYo and Guerrilla Games. To grab the character, your Adventure Rank should have over 20.

Furthermore, you can unlock the character by merely logging in to your account and checking your mail. The character was offered free to everyone on 24 November 2021, when patch 2.1 was released.

Next, she takes place in your mail for a year before her expiry date. Therefore, make sure twice that you have claimed the character before she goes.

Aloy’s Abilities In Genshin Impact

After claiming the character, you should learn about her unique and fabulous abilities as she possesses passive powers. Aloy can perform four different types of attacks, such as: 

  • Normal Attack: Rapid Fire
    • Normal
    • Charged
    • Plunging
  • Elemental Skill
    • Frozen Wilds
  • Elemental Burst 
    • Prophecies of Dawn
  • Passives
    • Easy Does it
    • Combat Override
    • Strong Strike

Furthermore, it is worth using in battles where enemies are more powerful than your party. Here’s a brief guide describing each skill to help you understand how it works. 

Rapid Fire

  • Normal – She can perform up to four consecutive shots using a bow. 
  • Charged – Here, she can perform aimed shot while dealing with Cryo Damage.
  • Plunging – She throws a set of arrows in bulk to strike enemies while dealing AoE Damage. 

Elemental Burst

  • Prophecies of Dawn – Using Prophecies of Dawn, the game makes you capable of using Aloy to throw power, making a huge blast. 

Elemental Skill

  • Frozen Wilds – Using Frozen Wilds, a bomb can be thrown toward enemies that deal with Cryo Damage while splitting into Chill water Bomblets; so, they can explode when they come in contact with enemies.


Here you will learn about Aloy’s passive abilities, three in numbers. The available abilities are given below: 

  • Easy Does It: Animal that produces milk, meat, fowl, etc., won’t be startled when Aloy is at any party. 
  • Combat Override: Aloy becomes powerful, and her attack increases by up to 16% for party members whenever she receives the Coil Effect from Frozen Wilds.
  • Strong Strike: Aloy gains a 3 to 3.5% Cryo Damage Bonus in Rushing Ice State every second. 

Ascension Materials For Aloy In Genshin Impact

In this section, we will discuss Character and Talent. Firstly, you must utilize Shivada Jade to level up Aloy, and obtaining the said item is only possible with Cryo Regisvines and Hypostases. To level up the character, you have to get two following materials: 

  • Spectral Husk
  • Crystal Marrow.

Spectral Husk

It is a series of items released with Genshin Impact 2.1. However, you can use these items to take down Specters and get a chance to unravel two new islands, such as Watatsumi and Seirai

Crystal Marrow

To obtain the said item, we suggest you go on Yashiori Island and interact with Serpent Skeleton to get the Crystal Marrow. Around the bones, you may discover the said object sticking out. 

Aloy’s Talent

If you are looking for items to ascend the talent of your Aloy, then here’s a list of items: 

  • Spectral Husk
  • Crown of Insight
  • Molten Moment
  • Teaching of Freedom.

To get the Teaching of Freedom, you have to visit the Forsaken Rift area on the following days: Monday, Thursday, and Sunday. Besides, you can get Spectral Husk series of items by defeating Specters worldwide. 

Apart from that, please find the new La Signora Boss upon reaching level 70+ and defeat him to get Molten Moment as a reward. At last, wait for the Seasonal Events as getting Crown of Insight is only possible with that.

There’s almost everything you need to know; however, do let us know via the comment section if you have any questions.

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