Is Pokémon Unite Cross-Platform? (Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch)

Is Pokémon Unite Cross-Platform?

Pokemon Unite was an unusual addition to the ever-increasing Pokemon Franchise which tries to enter new markets whenever it sees potential. And the MOBA gaming space has been one of the most influential and popular in the last decade, so it is quite evident that Pokemon chose to make a MOBA!

Pokemon Unite is Pokemon’s first attempt at a MOBA and it is already started to accumulate a massive player base. The game primarily focuses on Vs battles between players of different classes, in Pokemon Unite you play as the Pokemon you chose, and as you level up, your Pokemon evolves!

The game is critically praised and the fans seem to like the new take on Pokemon as well. As of now the game has been available on the Switch for a while and was recently made available on mobile platforms as well.

Pokémon Unite Cross-Play Explained

Pokemon Unite is a multiplayer game primarily, so it only makes sense for it to have cross-play enabled to have more players playing the game. For those who already know what cross-play means, skip ahead to the next section to know if Pokemon Unite is Coss-play or not.

Pokemon Unite is available on Android, IOS, and the Switch, and if not for cross-play, every system would’ve had its own dedicated server, so simply put, android players would only play with android players and switch players with other switch players.

Cross-play allows all the systems to play together!

Is Pokémon Unite Cross-Play?

Fortunately, Pokemon Unite has the cross-play functionality enabled on it since its release on all the systems, which means you can connect to every player playing Pokemon Unite irrespective of the system or platform they are playing on.

This is a great feature as it will allow all the players to play with each other without any barriers, most of the times games like these do a lot of gatekeeping by not making the game cross-play, but Pokemon Unite has done the right thing by making the game cross-play!

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Is Pokémon Unite Cross-play between Android and iOS?

Pokemon Unite was released on the mobile platforms just recently, and if the official website is to go by, the game will support full cross-play between IOS and Android devices.

You won’t have to do anything extra, you can connect with your buddies on and android or IOS and start playing!

The game is around 500MB in size and should run flawlessly on the latest mobile phones. When the news was made public about Pokemon Unite coming to mobiles, the general fan base was worried that the cross-play functionality might be left out, but here it is.

Is Pokemon Unite Cross-play between mobile and Nintendo Switch?

The Nintendo Switch is a gaming console that rivals the likes of the PS4 and the Xbox.

This means if you are playing the game on the Switch, you can connect to a Mobile player! But somehow, the devs at Pokemon have managed to make Pokemon Unite a cross-platform game.

This is huge; not only will you be able to play Pokemon Unite on the Switch and Mobile, but you can also cross-play. This is a rare occasion that a company went out of its way to make a game cross-platform between a console and mobile.

Is Pokémon Unite coming to PC?

Pokemon Unite is primarily a game reserved for handheld devices; the UI and the gameplay are suited for a handheld device, but it can be tinkered with to bring the game to consoles and PC.

But as of now, there is no news about making Pokemon Unite a PC game.

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