10 Best Anime Games for Switch (2023)

10 Best Anime Games for Switch1
Best Anime Games for Switch

Anime are as big as Disney at this point, almost every watches anime at this point, and if something’s popular there is bound to be more media franchises based on them.

Like anime games for example, and what better place to play anime games than one a Nintendo Switch in the comfort of your bed, just like watching anime!

Many game creators grabbed the opportunity to capture the anime market by launching various anime games. These anime games are now a massive part of gaming culture and are appreciated by fans all over the world.

Some of the greatest anime adventure games are available on the Switch. The platform offers a list of wholesome games with stellar storylines and graphics that makes you feel like you are watching your favorite anime, the interactions in the game being the only difference.

Top Anime Games For Switch

Here are the top 10 best anime games to play on Switch right now!

10. Pokemon Legends: Arceus

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The first game on the list is a treat for Pokemon lovers. Niantic has primarily focused on the Pokemon in the game. If you are looking for interactions with Pokemons, Arceus might be your game. 

You can travel into the Hisui region to catch Pokemons with the Poke balls crafted from scratch. You will also be able to store your findings in the traditional Pokedex made of paper, just like the good old days.

The open-world game setting is incredible. The realistic experience of catching Pokemons in real-time makes it a must-try.

9. Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth

The game has one of the best storylines available on Switch to sink your teeth into. The game also has some incredible graphics, which look almost unreal for a game on Switch.

Creators have considered user satisfaction and have made sure that there are no awkward NPCs interactions that have nothing to do with the storyline. The game will remind you of the old-school Digimon classic, a wholesome nostalgia for many Bandai fans.

8. Persona 5 Strikers

Persona 5 Strikers is set 6-months after the storyline of Persona 5. The game continues with the previous events but is even more mysterious.  

Unlike a typical action game, you can fight using Persona, a Patronus that Joker can summon up. You can even fuse Personas to make new ones. The series just got even more incredible.

The gameplay features real-time and turn-based combats, which is like a cherry on the top for RPG and anime fans.

7. Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is one of the best games to play on Switch. The game revolves around students striving to learn to fight and harness epic abilities, and you will be their teacher. 

Three Houses will feel like the most significant upgrade if you have played the previous Fire Emblem series games. There is no more excellent feeling when your students emerge victorious in epic battles.

The storyline of the game also delivers well to the expectations. You uncover tonnes of secrets as you move through the game. 

6. Valkyria Chronicles 4

Skirmishes are the real strength of Valkyria Chronicles 4. Valkyria Chronicles 4 will probably top the chart for the fans of turn-based anime titles. 

The gameplay features an alternate version of World War 2. The game will feature a different troop style for players who love the war settings. The game is based on a war, so ultimately, your aim is to win the war at all costs. 

5. My Hero One’s Justice

The game features characters from the popular anime series battling each other out in the street fighter-style battles. 

Unlike the typical SF games, My Hero One’s Justice features 3D arenas to fight in. All the supernatural abilities that the characters have can be used in the battles. You can play as a Hero or a Villain; that sounds like an extra layer of wholesomeness.

4. Dragon Quest XI: Echoes Of An Elusive Age S Definitive Edition

Dragon Quest is one of the greatest franchises of all time. The series features games that have the best-looking RPGs on the Switch and on any gaming console out there. 

The less we tell you about the storyline, the better. We strongly recommend you to play Dragon Quest XI; you will start playing for the graphics but fall in love with the gameplay.

3. Astral Chain

The main plot of Astral Chain revolves around a battle between the protagonists and the aliens trying to take over the planet. A dimension to another realm opens, and now it’s all up to your elite team to save humanity from the doom.

You can play with a male and a female character in an incredible futuristic adventure. Your elite team will be the key to your success in taking down the alien scum.

2. Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

This game is a godsend for people obsessed with Goku, and Dragon Ball Z. Kakrot features Goku’s life, from fighting to training. Once you get into the groove, it will feel like you are Goku himself.

You will have tons of sagas to uncover as you move through the game. The open-world adventure game based on the popular anime franchise is one of the best games ever released.

The game is the most likelier resemblance to Dragon Ball anime. It feels like you are watching the series, except the controls are now in your hands; it’s intense.

1. Attack On Titan 2

Like the famous anime Attack on Titan, the game also features a world you need to save from Titan’s destruction. If you love gigantic creatures, then fighting against the most brutal and most enormous titans will be the best of your gaming experience. 

You will be able to fly, cut down brutal titans and then combat through the time to save the entire humanity. 

The post-apocalyptic setting is something to delve yourself into. The fights in such scenarios get 10x more exciting, and the graphics will have you stuck to your seat. 

Without any doubt or debate, Attack On Titan 2 is the best anime game available on the switch. Every second of the time you spend playing will be worth it.

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