Mega Altaria to Appear in Pokemon GO!

pokemon swablu event

Pokemon GO has been going strong since its inception, though the craze has gone down a little bit, it still has millions of users who actively take part in monthly events, raid gyms and catch pokemon!

The game tries adding new pokemon so the fans never get bored playing with the same pokemon. These pokemon are added mostly in community day events. Community day events are a great way to evolve the featured pokemon because you get a lot of them spawning.

Swablu event in May!

For many days now fans have been speculating over the prospect of a new mega Pokemon being added to the game. Now that speculation might be over because some great news has come forward.

For this month’s community day, Swablu will be appearing more frequently. So keep catching those adorable-looking birds because you might end up getting a shiny one.

Swablu is a normal/flying type pokemon that was first introduced in gen 3 i.e. in the Hoenn region. It evolves into a graceful-looking swan called Altaria which also has a Mega evolution.

Apart from getting a shiny, you should try evolving swablu on the community, because if you do so the swablu will evolve into Altaria and will have the attack moon blast!

The Pokemon Go company has also advised players to take snapshots so as to get a surprise which we nothing about right now. A special community day box will also be available on that day which will contain a ton of useful stuff.

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