Fire Emblem: Three Houses Characters Tier List (2023)

fire emblem: three houses

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is a game with a large roster of characters that are all different from each other and have unique personalities.

Of course, the game is beatable even if you prioritize recruiting characters that you find cool and then using them in Byleth’s house for your future battles.

But if you want to enjoy the gameplay to its full potential, it’s important that you create the best house possible by recruiting only the best characters in the game.

Luckily for you, we’ve created a coherent and factual tier list of the 10 best characters to use in Fire Emblem: Three Houses – so that you don’t have to worry about making the wrong choices before the game’s time skips. So, let’s get started right away!

Best Fire Emblem Characters Ranked

Here are the best characters to use in the game.

1. Lysithea

Lysithea Tea Party Guide Fire Emblem Three Houses

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Lysithea is arguably the single best character that you can recruit in this game. She’s an absolute powerhouse that has incredible magic and speed statistics and can cast two deadly spells on almost any target you direct her towards.

Not only that, but she gains double the combat experience thanks to her Mastermind skill, which helps her level up faster than most characters.

She has lower health than many other characters as a way to make up for her general power, but it can be compensated after she obtains Lorenz’s annex – which not only increases the range of her spells but also reduces the damage she takes very often.

And the best thing to know here is that she’s not even difficult to recruit if you simply don’t ignore her before the time skip.

2. Felix

Best Fire Emblem Characters Ranked

Felix is the best swordsman in the game and he easily cuts through any threat that you put in his way. He excels in Speed and Dexterity stats and is used for quick and effective offense options.

There’s a massive room for growth as well if you put him in the Mortal Savant class, and Swordmaster works pretty well with him too. It’s not often that you have a brute character that is effectively quick as well – but thankfully, Felix is the exception to that rule.

3. Mercedes

Mercedes is often regarded as the best healer in the game, and that is for good reason. She has every tool that is important to support her teammates and her emblem allows her to keep care charges, which really come in handy.

Not only that, but if you give her the right classes, she’s even useful in terms of combat situations should it ever come to that. And she can heal herself too – eliminating the need for a second healer in the party for her.

4. Petra

Petra has no emblem, but she’s still one of the strongest characters in the game thanks to her speed and offensive statistics.

And unlike some of the other offensive characters, her health stats are very balanced as well – making her a reliably durable character to have by your side.

One of her best abilities is Hunter’s Boon, which lets her deliver +20 critical damage to enemies that have health lower than 50%, so she’s very useful for cleaning the house when you damage the enemy units enough as other characters.

5. Shamir

Shamir can be best described as Fire Emblem: Three House’s ‘sniper class’ character. She is an expert markswoman who is excellent for long-ranged situations.

This allows her to both save her health from the sidelines while providing relevant support, and to attack enemies who are at a distance from you before they manage to get closer as well.

Another thing that makes her a great pick is a fact she does not have specific skill requirements to be recruited into Byleth’s house. Simply recruit her by Chapter 7 and you’ll have yourself the best sniper you could ask for.

6. Leonie

Leonie is a character that can be simultaneously used as an offensive option and someone who provides support to the team.

She specializes in bows, riding, and lance skills – which allows her to be great at damaging enemy units – but her true strengths lie in teamwork.

Her Rivalry skill grants her +2 damage and +2 damage reduction whenever she is next to a male party member, which is a very useful stat boost to have by your side. And if paired with the right character, it can make one hell of a team.

7. Ingrid

Ingrid is one of the most versatile characters on this list, as she does great in almost every role.

For example, she excels in both Cavalry and airborne units which are a great thing to have by your side in situations that can compromise your battlefield.

She’s certainly a little behind when it comes to the strength department, but her skill Lady Knight gives her a boost of +3 might and +5 damage when she is using a Gambit – which is undoubtedly a blessing to have in your team.

8. Sylvain

Sylvain is not the strongest character there is, but he’s very useful for two things.

Those two things are that he’s easy to recruit and he has one of the best paths of stats growth. He excels at lance, axe, and riding skills – which makes him quite versatile in terms of what classes he can fit into.

His Philanderer ability gives him +2 damage and damage reduction every time he is next to a female party member, which fits his flirtatious nature very well. So, if your team includes a lot of females – he’s a must-have character for your house.

9. Lorenz

Lorenz is definitely not the character you pick for personality early on – it’s his magic and riding skills that people like him for in the beginning.

His ability, Distinguished House, grants him +2 damage every time a battalion is deployed – which is a helpful skill to have when the enemy units in the game get more difficult.

If you have the patience of leveling him up enough that he is useful by the end game – he is the perfect pick for a Dark Knight to have.

10. Ashe

Ashe is a character that is often overlooked when it comes to recruiting members for Byleth’s house – but he’s actually very useful. His damage capabilities are so good, that if you level him up just fine, almost every attack that he inflicts on the enemies will end up being a critical hit.

Depending on the weapon you pair him with, he can be an unstoppable character that puts many brutes to shame – and he’s especially useful as a bow unit if you’re missing one for your party.

That’s it for our tier list of the 10 best characters to use in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. We hope that you found the best characters for your house and we’d love to hear from you in the comments in case we missed anyone important!

And while you’re at it, make sure to check out some of the other helpful guides on our website as well.

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