Archero Best Robe: Dark Robe vs White Robe vs Vest of Dexterity

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Archero is one of the best action games that you can find on the mobile platform and continues to top the charts in the smartphone markets – which is well deserved.

While generally, it’s a fast-paced game that is all about variety in level design and keeps you hooked for hours on end, it still manages to include a good set of RPG elements which make the game very replayable.

Naturally, with RPG mechanics being implemented in the game it means that there are many different items that have their own unique properties and provide various advantages in gameplay. Three items that are very commonly debated in terms of their usefulness are the Dark Robe, White Robe, and the Vest of Dexterity.

Figuring out which one of those is truly worth your time due to the long upgrade tree being a thing can be very time-consuming. Fortunately for you, our guide will explain what each of those is worth and help you decide which one you should use! So, let’s get into the details.

Shadow Robe (Dark Robe)

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As usual, we have to first talk about the individual statistics and usefulness of each item before we can determine which one is the best.

The Shadow Robe is described by the game as “an assassin’s special robe, reduces rear damage during battle”. So, the first thing that you can tell here is that it’s something that is built to watch your back so that you don’t have to worry about being attacked from the back while you focus on enemies in front of you.

It reaches up to the Ancient Legendary level so you can tell that it’s a pretty special item to use.

Its max statistics are sitting at:

  • Max HP – 3542 + 98
  • Rear Damage Resistance – + 22%
  • Max HP Increase – + 7%
  • Nearby enemies receive strong dark damage under specific circumstances.

While all of the statistics in general are pretty great, the ability to deal dark damage to nearby enemies is a major advantage for an item that even protects you from rear damage. So, essentially, it’s kind of a crowd control item you could say.

Bright Robe (White Robe)

The Bright Robe is described as a robe that is full of light and reduces frontal damage in battle – which is quite literally the opposite of the Shadow Robe in every single way. It guards you from frontal damage so that you can take the fight head-on without having to worry about losing too much health.

  • Max HP – + 9002
  • Frontal Damage Resistance up to + 12%
  • Battle XP Gain increased up to + 25%
  • Each upgrade increases Max HP which can be as far as 30%, which, needless to say, is a massive advantage.

As you can see, this item is amazing for progressing through the game’s level due to the XP Gain increase and also the Max HP increasing every time you upgrade it. It lacks elemental attacks like the other two weapons on the list, though.

Vest of Dexterity

It’s impossible to be an Archero player and not hear of Vest of Dexterity – even if you don’t exactly understand what this item is all about. Its official tagline is that it is light, durable, and allows you to dodge enemy attacks. It’s best used for auto dodges and manual dodges in order to play more safely without sacrificing offense.

  • Max HP – + 3029 (+ 91)
  • Dodge – + 7
  • Healing Effect boosted by Red Hearts + 20%
  • Lightning splash damage to nearby enemies.

While its general attacks are amazing too, its ability to damage nearby enemies with lightning is very helpful.

The Winner

All three of these items are amazing, but only one stands out among the rest. And that is the Vest of Dexterity as it not only offers amazing abilities that allow you to last a long time in the game’s endlessly generated levels – but it has an additional lightning splash damage which is very helpful in crowd control and last-ditch survival efforts.

That being said, the other two items are great too in their own right, especially the Bright Robe since it allows players to progress faster.

We hope that you found the ideal item for yourself through this guide and we’re happy to answer any further questions you might have. Don’t forget to check out some of our other helpful gaming guides too!

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