Genshin Impact Anemoculus Location (2023)

Genshin Impact Anemoculus Location

It is very important to know the exact location of Anemoculus in Genshin Impact as they are an important part of the game.

You can find them in the Mondstadt Region on the map, and you need them to increase the level of the Statues of Seven in the desired nation.

As you upgrade the statue, you will receive bonuses based on the statue level.

Anemoculus Location Guide 

You can start collecting an Anemoculus location right from the start of the game as most Anemoculus rich areas are unlocked, but some areas will unlock as you progress through the game.

The best thing about Anemoculus is that you can easily recognize their nodes as they make a sound when you go near them. 

What is Anemoculus Resonance Stone?

When it comes to craft able items of Anemoculus with alchemy, the best item is called Anemoculus Resonance Stone that you can consume to get directions to the nearest Anemoculus.

If you are in the Mondstadt region, you will need 65 Anemoculus to upgrade the Statues of the Seven to max level. The 66th Anemoculus is related to the progress of the main storyline in Genshin Impact, so gathering 65 Anemoculus will also do the thing.   

Genshin Impact Anemoculus Location

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What Anemoculus does? 

It also helps increase the stamina of your character to take its flying, running, swimming, and climbing abilities to a whole new level.

The biggest advantage of all that extra stamina is that you can avoid death. The yellow bar on the interface indicates your stamina, and the bar will go down as you perform physical activities. 

Where can I get Anemoculus Genshin impact?

In the northeast region of the Genshin Impact map, there are a lot of locations of Anemoculus, and you can reach some of these locations through these ways.

Reach the edge of the beach in the storm bearer area, and you will be able to see an island with a lot of Anemoculus. You don’t have enough stamina to get there by swimming, so you can create a snow path instead to collect Anemoculus.

If you are nearby the storm Bearer Mountains, there are a lot of Anemoculus just under the cliff and near the hilichurl watchtower. A total of 65 different Anemoculus locations are available in Genshin Impact, each offering a different type of Anemoculus.

You can mark all these locations on the mini-map to collect Anemoculus from all locations.   

How do you get the Anemoculus near snow-covered path?

The method to get Anemoculus near the snow-covered path is the same as the method to get Anemoculus for other locations as the only difference is the terrain.

If you have enough material in your backpack, you have the option to craft claymore and use them to blow open the Anemoculus. 

Players who want to save claymore and resources for later stages of the game can simply jump on Anemoculus to collect it, which will take some time and effort.

Collecting Anemoculus requires a lot of physical activity like running, swimming, gliding, and climbing. Go with a full bar of stamina to successfully return from your voyage instead of dying on your way back due to shortness of stamina. 

Where is the Anemoculus in Springvale?

If you are near Springvale and looking for Anemoculus, you should go to the east side and collect Anemoculus from the roof of the middle house.

  • The west side of Springvale also features Anemoculus, but you need to spend Anemograna seeds to collect it. 
  • Go to the lake in Springvale, and you will find Anemoculus at the top of the mountain near a teleport waypoint. 
  • Reach a dead end by moving to the east side of houses to reach the ledge with Anemoculus.  

How do you get Anemoculus Falcon Coast?

Go near a plot of multiple ruins in the southeast region of Falcon coast to find Anemoculus on a small hill that you can easily climb to get it.

It requires an Anemograna seed, so be sure to keep some seeds in your bags to collect Anemoculus in one go instead of searching for seeds during your Anemoculus quest.

Anemograna seeds enable you to fly to catch suspended Anemoculus from the air.

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