Genshin Impact Strange Ice Guide

Genshin Impact Strange Ice

Did you know? The quest to investigate the “Strange Ice” is connected with the Cure for Sheer Cold; therefore, your primary focus should be on it. Our Genshin Impact Strange Ice Guide helps you learn more about it.

After the release of Dragonspine Region, many players were confused about some of the early quests that they aren’t briefly described.

Before starting, you should know that one of the World Quests has introduced the Mountains, requiring the player to investigate the Strange Ice near the Dragonspine Point of Interest found in Teyvat.

When playing the game, the player must interact with Iris inside the Adventurer Camp and start the quest. 

Genshin Impact Strange Ice

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Explore the Dragonspine Region

Exploring Dragonspine Region in mind may help you complete the quest. The recently released update has introduced lots of challenging quests.

Completing each may lead you to a particular target where pressing the investigation button will help you achieve the quest. But in Strange Ice Case, you are tasked with solving the conundrum your way; you will discover lots of new things. 

With an update released in 2020, the game has introduced a new region and a new mechanic, Sheer Cold. Players worldwide who spend lots of time away from the heat will start freezing up and have devastating consequences.

However, the game introduces a way to fix it but doesn’t explain that description itself. 

Cure for Sheer Cold

Cure for Sheer Cold is also your primary focus when investigating the Strange Ice in the massive mountains. 

  • Your objective is to follow the quest marker that the game displays until approaching the Ice Crystal fully covered by ice spikes during the game. 
  • After that, the player must find out how to thaw it out. 

Smash Scarlet Quartz

Soon, you will realize that the game doesn’t feature any Investigation Button, and attacking it doesn’t help you do anything either. Instead of attacking, the player must discover and smash Scarlet Quartz, a recolored variant of Cor Lapis

Next, break the Cor Lapis your way to pick up the item they drop off, and it will cause red energy around the character. Now, attacking the crystal may sustain damage; however, there are four different types of crystals available that you can find in nearby areas. 

First Crystal

To get the First Crystal, you should go back to the Icy Structure, where you find it covered with a couple of Ice Slimes. 

Second Crystal

You can discover the second Crystal on the left of the Strange Ice as it is protected with a massive Frostarm Lawachurl. You should try your best to secure the crystal unless players plan to attack it. 

Third Crystal

Now, we suggest you turn back and start moving toward the Teleport Waypoint. Upon reaching, you will discover a Scarlet Quartz on the ground.

Fourth Crystal

The fourth crystal is available on the right of the Cliff, where two hilichurls are protecting it

Once you get your hands on all four crystals, we suggest you head back to the Strange Ice and attack it. Having all crystals may help you deal damage quickly to the structure.

Furthermore, the ice around the player may thaw away once the player collects all four nearby crystals. Soon, the game reveals the Forstbearing Tree, the Statue of the Seven. Now, you can use the item to upgrade your character to make it more powerful. 

Besides, the completion of quests will leave you rewards as follows: 

  • 500 Adventure EXP
  • 30,000 Mora
  • 60 Primogems
  • 3 Hero’s Wit
  • 3 Mystic Enhancement Ores.

Moreover, many other rewards await you as you complete the “In the Mountains” Quest. Players worldwide consider the challenge easy to complete, but it requires time and rewards.

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