What Does Sweeping Edge Do In Minecraft?

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Minecraft is probably the most creative game ever created; the game doesn’t put any constraints on the player’s imagination; anything you want to do, anyone you want to be, you can be in Minecraft. That’s the beauty of the game!

But there are some things in the game that are universally accepted, like building a starter house or making an enchanting table. This isn’t at all necessary to enjoy the game. If you want, you can just keep playing without being bothered by this stuff.

However, playing without any enchantments is similar to going to war without any armor on.

The armor isn’t necessary, but it will surely help you be better in the war. Similarly, enchantments aren’t needed, but they will give you an extra boost required to take on hostile creatures in Minecraft!

Sweeping edge is one such enchantment in Minecraft, and we see it has piqued your interest. Hence you come here on the internet to search for its uses and how to use it effectively. You’ve landed on the right page; in this blog, we’ll discuss the effect of sweeping edge, how to get it, and how to use it most effectively!

Sweeping Edge in Minecraft

Sweeping edge is an enchantment native to the sword weapon only, which means you won’t be able to use the enchantment on any other tool. And rightfully so, the term sweeping edge should give you a hint about what is in store for us.

Sweeping Edge in Minecraft

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Simply put, a sweeping edge increases the swipe damage done by the player’s sword. The sweep damage is only applicable in the Java edition of the game; there’s no such thing as sweep damage in Minecraft bedrock.

The sweep damage keeps on increasing. 50%, 67%, 75% for levels I, II, & III,to respectively. So furthering upon the level of the sweeping edge enchantment, the damage will also keep on increasing significantly, making it very powerful.

Also, you can mix-match this enchantment with other sword enchantments like sharpness or fire aspect.

The damage starts to rack up pretty significantly when you use the sharpness enchantment as the damage sweeping edge increase is based on the damage sharpness enchantment will be doing!

How to get Sweeping Edge in Minecraft

Now that we know how potent sweeping edge can be in the game let’s find out where to find this cool enchantment.

As we mentioned earlier, there is no way you can get this enchantment in the bedrock edition; the enchantment is only available in the java edition.

Like any other enchantment in the game, Sweeping edge can also be applied using the enchantment table. You can get this enchantment on your sword randomly. If you’re fortunate, you might get it on your first try. Also, there are 3 varying levels of enchantment.

How to use Sweeeping Edge in Minecraft

The enchantment can also be applied using enchanted books that you can find through fishing.

Fishing is the easiest way of acquiring any enchanted book if you know how to create a simple yet effective AFK fish farm. These farms are very easy to develop and often take only an hour or so to get the sweeping edge book!

Alternatively, you can also get the enchanted book from trading with the Librarian villager, who is the one with the red hat.

You can also get the enchanted book for the sweeping edge in loot chests that are scattered out in critical areas of interest inside the world of Minecraft!

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