How to Make A Barrel in Minecraft

How to Make a Barrel In Minecraft

Minecraft is one of those games that gives you more things to do as you progress.

And while grinding is one of the most important aspects of Minecraft, you should be aware of some choices that you can make which will exponentially reduce the number of efforts you have to make while bringing about the same results. 

Some of them are not that hard to comprehend, to be honest. For example, if you make a carrot farm you’ll have an endless supply of carrots. A villager farm will make sure you never have to run out of villagers, An iron farm means you never specifically mine for iron. 

While some argue that these methods are often complicated and somehow ruin the essence of the game, I frankly disagree. It’s all about optimization and it’s good for the aesthetic too. 

Crafting Barrels In Minecraft

Now one of the main things that Minecraft players are annoyed by is storage. You may already know this, and if you don’t you’ll soon realize that there will never be enough storage. No matter how much you have you’ll eventually run out of it. 

So having different forms of storage might work as a balm for this annoyance. Having Barrels is one of such forms. Barrels are a bit different from chests.

Barrels also have more uses than chests. You can use them to block villagers (which is always fun), you need to be in an open space to open barrels. You can also place them more creatively compared to chests. 

What you’ll need to make a Barrel in Minecraft

Unfortunately for you, barrels will not be easily found while fishing. You’ll have to craft it. First, you’ll need a bunch of wooden logs which can be chopped down from a tree (any tree will do).

And for the true beginners, make sure you use an ax when you’re chopping down those trees.

The ingredients for a Barrel are 6 Wooden Planks and 2 Wooden Slabs. Wooden planks can be easily obtained by placing an oak log on your crafting table, the more logs you have the more planks you can make.

To obtain wooden slabs you’ll need to place 3 wooden planks in 3×3 crafting gird. Depending on the type of wood you use for the planks the color will vary. 

While you’re at it, it wouldn’t chop down as many wooden logs as you can. It never hurts to have some extra in your inventory. I say chop down the whole forest if you have the time!

Now, the important thing to remember is that these are the materials required to make a barrel in Minecraft Java Edition. The materials required will be different if you’re playing Minecraft Bedrock Edition you’ll need 6 sticks (which can be made easier if you planks) and 2 wooden slabs.

How to Make a Barrel In Minecraft

Barrels are honestly much easier to make compared to chests. You are free to go to your crafting table once you have enough planks, slabs (sticks if you’re using the bedrock edition). 

If you’re using the Java Edition of Minecraft, place the wooden planks on both sides of the crafting table grid. If you’re using the bedrock edition of Minecraft, you’ll have to place sticks instead of planks. 

The top and bottom middle grids should be filled with wooden slabs. If you place the items in the correct spot then congratulations, you’ve successfully made a barrel.

Once you’re done making a barrel, I would suggest you make a bunch of them because they are very useful. Along with your chests, they’ll make sure you have extra storage. 

You can block your annoying villagers on their job sites whenever you want, This way you’ll get fish, emeralds, etc.

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