Dead By Daylight Huntress Gameplay Guide

Dead By Daylight Huntress Gameplay Guide

Dead by Daylight is one of the best asymmetric survival horror games that we have seen in recent times and that is thanks to its fun gameplay and unique horror atmosphere. The game relies on two things – the human survivors and the killers, both of which are a part of every match and complete the experience.

While it’s easy to recognize many of the game’s guest characters from franchises like The Evil Dead, SAW, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and so on, the game does have its original cast of characters too which have become fairly popular in their own right over time.

One of them is the Huntress, which is one of the best killers in the game and one of the most interesting ones too, so it’s no surprise that you will be running into her often.

Whether you wish to play as her and want to know what the right things to do are, or want to play against her and want to know everything about her to survive – you’re in the right place.

Huntress Gameplay Guide

Here’s a thorough gameplay guide on how to play as the one and only Huntress in Dead by Daylight!

Specialty Perks

First off, we have the specialty perks, which determine the unique characteristics of Dead by Daylight killers. These provide gameplay advantages to the killer and disadvantages to the human survivors, allowing the gameplay to be fairer since the humans are always in a larger number.

Unless you level up the Bloodweb a lot, you can’t use multiple perks at once so it’s recommended to try them out individually.

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1. Beast of Prey

This perk cuts off her connection with The Entity and it allows her to have a larger terror radius, disabling The Red Stain which is the light that lets survivors know that a killer is nearby. Naturally, this is great for sneaking up on and surprising players.

2. Territorial Imperative

This perk allows The Huntress to track survivors for three seconds as soon as they enter the basement of any map that they are playing in – and she can track them if she’s within 32 meters of that basement’s entrance.

It’s pretty useful because survivors will be entering basements often due to the fact that they contain chests with useful items.

3. Hex: Huntress Lullaby

Her most famous perk, the Huntress Lullaby gives her many advantages. First of all, the survivors suffer an increased percentage of regression if they miss a skill check. Secondly, every time a survivor is hooked, she gains more power than usual too.

Between 1 to 4 tokens, the time between skill check warnings becomes shorter and at 5 tokens, they don’t get any skill check warning at all which makes it very difficult.

This stops the survivors from healing which is an amazing advantage, not to mention it halts their progress too related to the generators.

Weapons and Power

Onto DEAD by Daylight Huntress’ weapons and power:

1. Hunting Hatchet

The Huntress has a melee axe for close-ranged attacks but her hunting hatchets are by far the most useful weapon she has. She can carry five hatchets at a time, so you’ll need to master your throw so that you don’t end up wasting it.

If you try to use them out of the blue, it will be very likely for you to miss them. Fortunately, you can refill them at Red Lockers, so don’t forget to do that every once in a while.

2. Broad Axe

As mentioned above, the Huntress has an axe for melee attacks, which serves as her power/ability. It’s useful when you’re very close to the enemy or out of hunting hatchets, so do take some time to get used to this too.

Dead By Daylight Huntress Gameplay Guide

Gameplay Strategy

Here’s the huntress gameplay strategy broken down.

1. Map and Perk Awareness

The Huntress is a bit of a slow killer when it comes to speed, so playing as her is all about mastering the map awareness and utilizing her perks properly. As you can read above, her perks are about slowing survivors down, adding more power to the Huntress, and allowing her to track killers or sneak up on them.

She works well in larger maps, and her speed is compensated by her ability to throw the hunting hatchets.

2. Hindering Progress

The generators are a very important part of progressing within the game. Like any other killer, the Huntress can damage and break them too – so make sure to do that too every now and then.

You can even do it right after you hit a survivor with a hatchet if they were next to a generator – because you’ll catch up to them anyway due to the fact that they will be staggered.

3. Add-Ons

Although not a particularly important part of the game, it’s still something that can change things in Dead by Daylight. Both the survivors and killers can use different purchasable add-ons, and the Huntress is no exception as there are a couple of things that can improve the power and effectiveness of her weapons.

The one most commonly discussed is the yellow cloth add-on, which makes her hatchet fly much faster than usual once thrown. It can be a game-changer at certain times, so if you can afford it, you should definitely consider it.

4. Mind Games

When you’re in a horror atmosphere, even if it’s a game, there’s a sense of intensity that cannot be matched by any other genre of video games. The generator skill check is something that people get used to doing properly, but often when there’s a sense of stakes – players fail the skill checks in nervousness or a feeling of rush.

Is Dead by Daylight Cross-Play

With The Huntress, you can throw a hatchet next to a generator that is being repaired and it usually startles the players enough to fail the skill check – which hinders their progress. This is a major advantage because The Huntress is a slow character and players can often run away before she gets to them.

Failing the skill check has penalties, so this strategy helps a lot in tight scenarios. This also works particularly well with the Beast of Prey perk, as it makes sneaking up to survivors in order to startle them far easier.

They won’t see you coming and the warning hatchet will be more unsettling than ever.

5. Guide the survivors into corners

Map knowledge is, of course, very important for this. But that’s something you need to do with The Huntress anyway.

With a perk like the Territorial Imperative, tracking survivors becomes simpler and then you can outsmart them into getting isolated from each other or cutting them off in their tracks before they reach their desired destination.

6. Be yourself. No, seriously.

Gameplay strategies are simply a way of telling the player what works well with a certain character. At the end of the day, everyone has a different playstyle and something that they do which isn’t found on player guides might work far better for them than what’s on paper.

So, don’t forget to experiment and see what works best for you – the results might be surprising.

So, as long as you get used to the maps and take some time to master her weapons and perks – you’ll have a great and effective time playing as The Huntress in Dead by Daylight.

That’s it for our Dead by Daylight Huntress Gameplay Guide! We hope that you found it useful and are already planning out your next gameplay strategies. And while you’re here, make sure to check out some of our other helpful Dead by Daylight guides too.

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