Elden Ring Stars Of Ruin Spell Guide

Elden Ring Stars Of Ruin Spell Guide

Elden Ring is a game of many styles and builds. There are so many classes to start with and armaments to acquire that the playthroughs of some of the players may appear completely unidentical. 

For example, the difference between an Astrologer build and a Hero build would be so prominent that the players of these respective builds would seek completely different armaments, upgrades, and armors.

While the latter relies on enhancing Strength, the former relies on Intelligence. This means the higher the Intelligence is, the stronger your spells are

And while classes like Wretch are also quite fun for those who want a little bit of every build in their playthrough, they miss out on the legendary armaments and sorceries specific to the distinct classes.

Stars of Ruin, too, is one of the legendary Primeval sorceries in Elden Ring and an ideal acquisition for all Astrologers and builds with high Intelligence.

So, if you want to get your hands on this Legendary Primeval Sorcery or have acquired it but seek guidance, you have come to the right place. But before we discuss the sorcery’s whereabouts and guide you about its working, let us familiarize you with how it works.

stars of ruin elden ring guide

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How Strong are Stars of Ruin in Elden Ring?

Stars of Ruin is a legendary Sorcery invented by Master Lusat (a primeval sorcerer).

It fires twelve dark shooting stars that chase the target. Charging causes an increase in potency, and the weapon can also be used in motion. 

It’s canonically so strong that when Lusat looked into the primeval current, he witnessed a great star cluster in its last moments. It was an experience so strong that it broke even Lusat. 

Elden Ring Stars of Ruin Stats and Requirements

As discussed above, Stars of Ruin’s requirements will only be met by those with a high Intelligence playthrough of the game. It would be the easiest for an Intelligence-heavy class like Astrologer to attain Stars of Ruin. 

Stamina 33
Cost38 FP
Slots Used1

Where to Find Stars of Ruin in Elden Ring

While the acquisition of Stars of Ruin is simple enough to happen through a single encounter in Caelid, the encounter’s location requires the Sellian Sealbreaker, which can only be acquired during the Sorceress Sellen Questline. 

After acquiring the Sellian Sealbreaker, head to the Sellia Hideaway dungeon, which is located at Caelid and Dragonbarrow’s Northeastern border. After arriving, interact with Primeval Sorcerer Lusat, who’ll reward you with Stars of Ruin. 

Sorceress Sellen Questline

Like Lusat, Sorceress Sellen is an NPC, but one who tasks you with a questline. You’ll first find her in the Waypoint Ruins in Limgrave, before which you’ll need to fight the Pumpkin Head boss. After the fight, you’ll unlock the Waypoint Ruins’ Site of Grace. 

Upon accepting Sorceress Sellen’s offer, you become her apprentice. So, whenever you find Glintstone Sorcery Scrolls, bring them over to her so that you could unlock new sorcery options. 

Since you won’t even have to complete the entire questline to attain Stars of Ruin, we’ll only go through the parts of the questline that need to be accomplished before you get Stars of Ruin. 

To get the Sellian Sealbreaker, you’ll need to (step-by-step guide):

Sorceress Sellen Questline
  • Go to Mt. Gelmir, which is beyond the Hermit Village. 
  • From there, cross the bridge with a Site of Grace called Primeval Sorcerer Azul.
  • Speak to Azur, who’ll lend you a sorcery called Azur’s Comet. 
  • Go back to Sellen, and while interacting with her, chose “show Azur’s sorcery”.
  • She’ll then seek your assistance with the Primal Glimstone. Pick “let us journey together”.
  • She’ll give you the Sellian Sealbreaker and ask you to meet Master Lusat. 

Lusat is not too hard to find, and you also have the option to ask Sellen about his where he is. After this interaction, you’ll know that he’s back at his home in Sellia, Town of Sorcery. 

  • Look for the Selia hideout, and to the southwest of Fort Faroth, you’ll come upon an illusory wall that you’ll need to enter. 
  • You’ll find another hidden path to its northwest. Follow through it. 
  • Look for the sealed entrance, and use the Sellian Sealbreaker to break its seal.
  • Go to the edge of the room, where you’ll find Lusat and receive Stars of Ruin from him.  

Elden Ring Stars Of Ruin Guide

Elden Ring Stars Of Ruin Guide

Even the fiercest weapons and sorceries in Elden Ring are not an ultimate solution if the player doesn’t utilize them well enough. While it’s not too complex to utilize Stars of Ruin, you could still benefit greatly from the right buffs and uses of the sorcery. 

Here are some tips for using Stars of Ruin:

Rely on it against faster enemies. With a lot of PVP testing, it has been concluded that Stars of Ruin is impossible to counter, which is why even the fastest foes in the game can’t dodge it. The drawback of a good deal of spells is how faster enemies counter them more often than not. But for a sorcery 

Wearing Lusat’s Glintstone Crown can boost Stars of Ruin’s damage by 15%. As a consequence, however, it causes a 15% increase in all sorcery costs. 

Keep investing in your FP. Raise those Mind points, and make as much space as you can for this FP-draining sorcery. The more FP you have, the more effective your use of Stars of Ruin will be. A mind with an FP lower than 38 can’t even comprehend the strength of this sorcery. 

Against slower enemies, charge the spell for a longer time to cause an extra amount of damage.

Some may debate that Stars of Ruin has better, more FP-friendly alternatives to equip instead, but its high poise damage, magic damage, perfect accuracy, and range make it worth all the FPs.

Best Buffs for Stars of Ruin in Elden Ring

Stars of RuinBuff PropertiesDetails
Terra Magica35% increase in Attack PowerLasts 30 seconds.
Ritual Sword Tailsman10% increase in Attack PowerThe player must be in full health. 
Magic-Shrouding Cracked Tear20% increase in Attack Power (15% in PvP)Lasts 3 minutes.
Rallying Standard20% increase in Attack PowerLasts 30 seconds.
Graven-Mass Talisman8% increase in Attack PowerCan be used alongside Graven-School Tailsman, causing a collective increase.
Graven-School Talisman4% increase in Attack PowerCan be used alongside Graven-Mass Tailsman, causing a collective increase.
Lord of Blood’s Exultation20 % increase in Attack PowerLasts 20 seconds, but only if a nearby enemy or player suffers blood loss. 
Lusat’s Glintstone Crown15% increase in Attack PowerAll spell costs increase by 15%.
Magic Scorpion Charm12% increase in Attack PowerIncreases damage taken by 10%. 
White Mask10% increase in Attack PowerLasts 20 seconds, but only if a nearby enemy or player suffers blood loss.


Stars of Ruin is one of the most empowering sorceries in the entire game, which is consistent with its Legendary status. Finding it may take you through parts of a questline but it won’t take too long, and for a spell this strong, the questline isn’t even too demanding. 

It may be a bit too heavy on the FP, but with the right buffs and strategy, its sheer accuracy and strength are boosted even more. Even the untouchable foes get a little punishment from Stars of Ruin.  

We hope this guide was helpful regarding all you need to know about Stars of Ruin.

From its whereabouts to its strengths and strategies. But for a game as demanding as Elden Ring, Stars of Ruin alone isn’t going to solve everything, which is why you should check out our other Elden Ring guides.

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