Naraka: BLADEPOINT Heroes Tier List (Best Characters Ranked)

Naraka: BLADEPOINT Viper Ning

Naraka: BLADEPOINT is a game all about action. Although it follows the battle royale format, it focuses on third-person melee combat instead of featuring any type of guns or shooting – and this interesting mix works out beautifully.

The game is meant for both aggressive and defensive playstyles, which means that whether you fight head-on or use the grappling hooks to swing around the map towards safety, there is a character meant for you that will be very fun to use.

However, it can take a lot of time to try out all of the game’s 7 unique characters and figure out which one of those are the best ones meant for you.

Fortunately for you, we’ve spent a lot of time playing the game and have formed a thorough tier list that explains which characters in the game are the strongest – so you don’t have to spend your precious time figuring these things out for yourself. So, let’s get right into it!

Naraka: BLADEPOINT Tier List

Here is a list of the best Naraka: BLADEPOINT characters ranked.

Tier RankCharacters
Naraka: BLADEPOINT S-Tier Characters 1. Matari
2. Yoto Hime
Naraka: BLADEPOINT A-Tier Characters 1. Viper Ning
2. Tianhai
3. Temulch
4. Tarka Ji
Naraka: BLADEPOINT B-Tier Character(s) 1. Kurumi

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Naraka: BLADEPOINT S-Tier Characters

1. Matari

Matari is a character that has been consistently useful in Naraka: BLADEPOINT, which is a big deal considering the fact that the game has gone through two different betas and several balancing updates over time.

While she’s useful in squads too, her true strength lies in solo gameplay as she’s one of the best characters in the game that you can use for stealth-based combat. And of course, she deals a great amount of damage too which is a great combo altogether.

Lastly, her F skill happens to be an ability that allows her to teleport. It does not even need to be said why that’s an incredibly useful ability to have by your side in a melee-combat-based video game.

2. Yoto Hime

Naraka BLADEPOINT Characters Tier List Yoto

Yoto Hime is an excellent assassin-like character that can be utilized very well if the player is willing to learn how she works.

Her F skill is the most interesting aspect, as it allows her to attack enemies for a lot of damage, and pressing the button again will allow her to teleport to her blade as it launches a mid-air slash.

The ability further resets once an enemy is defeated, so that can be used to your advantage a lot, especially when playing as a duo or a trio.

Naraka: BLADEPOINT A-Tier Characters

1. Viper Ning

Naraka: BLADEPOINT Viper Ning

Viper Ning’s primary ability allows her to release energy that knocks enemies backward – which is a great support-type ability to allow her to be very helpful in duos and trios. However, even in solo gameplay, it’s still very useful to be able to get a breather when surrounded by enemies.

Her ultimate further adds to the support aspect, as it marks all visible enemies and stuns them once the power is used completely.

2. Tianhai

Tianhai is nothing short of a brute and is one of the most damaging characters in the game. To no surprise, his ultimate ability allows him to turn into a giant animal that can grab enemies and smash them right into the ground – which is just as useful as it sounds.

His F skill allows him to have a resistance to physical attacks too, which is great for encounters that you can’t avoid.

3. Temulch

Naraka BLADEPOINT Characters Tier List Temulch

Every game with multiple types of characters to play has a tank class – and Naraka: BLADEPOINT is no exception.

Temulch is a balanced character who is never handicapped in a fight because he has very damaging attacks, with his ultimate ability acting as a contrast that allows him to create a barrier around himself that blocks ranged enemy attacks.

Don’t worry though, his F skill launches three wisps at enemies that can damage them, so not every ability is on the defensive side.

4. Tarka Ji

Tarka Ji has received a few nerfs since his debut in the first beta, but he’s still powerful enough to be only a single-tier below S even today. His F ability allows him to block melee attacks and his ultimate covers him in flames, which allows him to both protect himself and damage his foes.

His attacks are generally pretty damaging too, which makes him a decent character to play as.

Naraka: BLADEPOINT B-Tier Character(s)

Naraka BLADEPOINT Characters Tier List Kurumi

1. Kurumi

Kurumi is a healer character, which of course makes her an excellent team player. Her F ability is all about healing teammates, while her ultimate places a circle that debuffs enemies.

Unfortunately, she’s quite useless in solo gameplay as a result of her support-oriented gameplay capabilities.

And that’s the latest Naraka: BLADEPOINT tier list with all of the characters ranked.

The game is fairly balanced so there are only three lists in total, but future updates can certainly change that. We hope you found this guide useful and while you’re here, check out some of our other helpful gaming guides too.

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