How to Make Smooth Stone In Minecraft

how to make smooth stone in minecraft

Minecraft is a vast game, the number of features keeps increasing every year. At this point, there are so many blocks in Minecraft that it is actually impossible to keep a count of all of them.

From tree wood to nether bricks, the game has a block variant for every player.

Out of all these blocks out there, the one which is the most common has to be stone. Stone is almost everywhere in the world, you go underground you find the stone, you go digging in a mountain you find the stone. Even in the Nether, there’s a new stone variant called black stone!

But today we will be focusing on the one really cool-looking type of stone variant, called the Smooth Stone.

What is Smooth Stone?

Smooth stone is nothing more than a stone variant. As the name suggests, the stone looks smoother than a normal stone. The various textures that cobblestone and stone have been gone in this variant. It has an outline to it, so when you place these in a group, they look like tiles!

The smooth stone due to its gray color is pretty versatile so you can actually use it in many builds.

How to obtain smooth stone?

Follow these simple steps to obtain smooth stone in minecraft.

  • Step 1: To craft any type of stone variant you’d first need cobblestone! So grab your best pickaxe and go mining for stone. Get some of the stone to your base and move on it to the next step.
  • Step 2: After you’ve successfully acquired all the cobble you need, get some coal because we will have to smelt these blocks.
  • Step 3: Put the stone in the top of the furnace and coal at the bottom, any other fuel will also do the trick, but coal is mostly used.
  • Step 4: Once the smelting is done you’d get stone blocks, yes stone blocks that you first mined. So technically you can skip all the above steps if you manage to get stone with a silk touch pickaxe.
  • Step 5: Once again you have to smelt the stone. After this stone is smelted you’d get your hands on the precious smooth stone!

The grey color blends in with other stone variants perfectly, giving you a better texture. Let’s look at some uses of this beautiful block!

How to Make Smooth Stone In Minecraft

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Smooth stone tips and tricks!

As a builder myself, I like to use all the blocks that the Minecraft game provides me with. I’ve even managed to use dead coral blocks perfectly, so I know what I’m talking about. Below are some tips and tricks that I’ve picked up in the previous 6 years of playing this game.

1. Smooth Stone as a floor or ceiling

The first thing that comes to my mind when I look at smooth stone is industrial floors! The texture looks metallic somewhat, and if you’re looking to build a factory iron blocks will be really expensive. The smooth stone works just great as an iron block alternative.

The tiled outline of this block makes it an ideal choice for industrial floors and ceilings.

How to Make Smooth Stone In Minecraft

2. Smooth Stone for texturing

As mentioned earlier, the stone variant is pretty versatile.

So when building with grey blocks, you shouldn’t limit yourselves to a single block palette. For example, if you build a castle, don’t just use stone bricks, the castle would look too perfect, and odd to say the least.

Instead at some points, mix up the blocks, use smooth stone in between. And when you look at the castle walls from a long distance the castle would look 100% time better!

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