Lost Ark: The Best Places to Forage (Complete Guide)

Lost Ark The Best Places to Forage

Lost Ark is one of the most flexible RPGs that you’ll come across, thanks to how many different classes and skills it offers to the player. No matter what kind of play style you prefer, there’s a little something for everyone.

Among the game’s most notable features are the trade skills, which are a great way of progressing your character and provide other bonuses.

One such skill in Lost Ark is Forage, which is all about gathering flowers, mushrooms, and plants using a Foraging Tool. Then, you can craft potions using these things, which is handy since this is an RPG game and should be mastered.

Not all locations are created equal; some are more useful for Foraging than the rest. So, what are the best places to Forage in Lost Ark? Let’s find out!

Lost Ark: Best Places for Foraging

First things first, you have to unlock the Forage skill in Lost Ark if it’s not available already. You can unlock it by completing the Crown of Lakebar story quest.

And then, you have to go to Nickel in Lakebar Village to get the Novice Foraging Tool, which then sets you off on your journey of becoming a forager. Once you’re ready to go, here are Lost Ark’s best places to forage in:

1. Lullaby Island

Lullaby Island

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Lullaby Island is considered one of the best locations for foraging in the game. It’s an area with no enemies to fight, so there will be no distractions for you while you spend time on some peaceful foraging. Simply go up to this sweet spot between the Tortoyk and Anikka for some leveling up and there’s no catch that you need to know of.

Additionally, this location is great for Mining and Logging too.

2. Blackrose Chapel & Dyorika Plain

Blackrose Chapel & Dyorika Plain

In the East Luterra part of the map, you can find a Chapel called Blackrose Chapel. In this location, Dreamwalker Flowers are blooming and you can easily pick them up – which is wildly convenient.

Still sticking around in East Luterra, we have Dyorika Plain, which has many spawn points for Dreamwalker Flowers spread throughout the entire location.

3. Breezesome Brae

Breezesome Brae

Breezsome Brae is filled with wildflowers, which makes it a pretty good spot for some casual foraging. What makes this spot even more convenient is that when you’re doing some Tier 1 progression, you’ll end up in Rohendel.

And on that journey, Breezome Brae naturally comes your way. This means that you don’t even have to go out of your way for this task.

4. Platinum Fields (Nahun’s Domain)

Platinum Fields (Nahun’s Domain)

This farming location can only be used if you gain the Platinum Field Ticket. Once you obtain one, you can access Old Yudian Canal and Nuhan’s Domain. Choose Nuhan’s Domain and let your foraging skills loose as it’s one of the best foraging spots in Lost Ark that you’ll come across.

If you’re unaware, you obtain the Platinum Field Tickets when using trade skills. It’s a random drop, so make sure to grab it as soon as you see it and we recommend keeping it until you’re level 10 so that you get better rewards.

Lastly, it’s also worth noting that Nuhan’s Domain is great for Fishing, Mining, Excavating, Logging, and Hunting.

5. Delphi Forest

Delphi Forest

For some early-game farming, you can go to the Delphi Forest which has a lot of Tier 1 and 2 flower spawn points.

It’s an easy spot to visit and foraging in Delphi Forest is very easy too. And of course, gathering Tier 2 flowers will grant higher experience points when picked – so you’ll have quick progress in leveling up.

6. Medrick Monastery

Medrick Monastery

Medrick Monastery is one of the less tame areas for players to forage in. But what it lacks in peace, it makes up for in the fact that it has a higher rate of spawning Tier 2 flowers in comparison to some other locations, such as the previously recommended Delphi Forest.

7. Slime Island

Slime Island

Slime Island is a PvP zone so that obviously means that it’s filled with players who might attack you. However, it’s one of the best places to forage in Lost Ark due to the fact that it has a high rate of plants to farm. Unlike other recommendations on the list that can be used fairly often in the game, Slime Island is best as a post-endgame experience.

So, it’s a high-risk and high-reward spot, but easily among the top 5 that you’ll find in the game.

8. West and South of Feiton’s Wailing Swamp

West and South of Feiton’s Wailing Swamp

Feiton’s Wailing Swamp has a lot of enemies that you’ll encounter if you go there. But the South and West sides of this location are one of the best spots for foraging, especially if you’re trying to farm and upgrade your trade skills.

So, grab some of your best gear and get ready to fight. And once the mobs have been torn apart, you’ll be able to have a great foraging experience.

9. Orvis Island

If you’re just looking for a very casual experience, go to Orvis Island and farm a couple of Herbs and Mining nodes (if you need them) with minimum effort. Compared to other spots on this list, it’s not that great of a spot overall.

But it’s still better than trying to find flowers in parts of the map that we haven’t talked about in this guide.

Orvis Island

That’s it for our complete guide for the best places to forage in Lost Ark. Whether you’re in the early game, in the middle of completing tons of story quests, or in the post-endgame experience – this guide has something for everyone.

We hope that you found it useful and are already on your way to farm your forage skill in Lost Ark!

And while you’re still here, check out some of our other Lost Ark guides too, such as the best builds and a guide for Excavating.

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