Lost Ark: Best Places to Hunt (2023)

Best Places to Hunt In Lost Ark

Lost Ark may be primarily popular for its addictive combat and powerful bosses, but its Trade Skills are just as much of an important part of the game as anything else.

One of the most important skills in the game is Hunting, which allows players to gather resources and materials which are then used for the purpose of crafting.

Of course, since this is “Hunting” rather than excavating or so, the main theme of this trade is animal hide and meat. Then, you can make food and other upgrade materials out of it, which can come in handy both in terms of completing quests and otherwise.

Though you can hunt in many places in Lost Ark, not all of them are worth your time due to an inconsistency in the resources that you gain.

Thus, it helps to know what Lost Ark’s best places to hunt are. And since online games are ever-changing, you need to make sure you understand the best spots for 2022 specifically too, So let’s take a look at the best places to hunt in Lost Ark in 2022 right away!

The Best Places to Hunt in Lost Ark

A good hunting place does not need to have anything complicated to be a good choice. All that it needs is the potential to grant you tons of resources – and that’s what we’re going to look at when picking our spots.

1. Mercia Island

Mercia Island

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Mercia Island is a great island with many rabbits you can find and hunt. One advantage that this island has is that the rabbits are hiding in bushes, so you don’t have to chase after them in an open field with them running around.

The island does have a bunch of enemies scattered here and there, but you can usually just run away without having to deal with them in order to save some time.

2. Crescent Island

Crescent Island

Similar to Mercia Island, this too has a lot of easy rabbits to hunt. But this spot is considered better for beginners because there are fewer enemies or more giant creatures to run into.

All that you need to do is to enter the area and then hunt as many rabbits as you’d like. And you can find Mokoko Seeds here too if you need them. Once done, simply head back with your spoils or visit a different island along the way for extended loot.

Alternatively, you can visit Turtle Island as another good low-level area good for beginners in terms of hunting.

3. Eternity Isle

Eternity Isle

The Eternity Isle location is a good spot for experienced players because it has a couple of enemy mobs that you’d need to fight and it’s essentially in the middle of a level three Sandstorm Sea – which can be quite challenging to deal with.

However, this place has Pursian Kethus, which is a very good animal to go after since the Pursian Kethus Leather is a valuable resource in Lost Ark. And on top of that, you can farm a decent amount of Mokoko Seeds here too.

4. Glass Lotus Lake

Glass Lotus Lake

The Glass Lotus Lake has a sweet spot that is filled with a good amount of wildlife that you can hunt, and tons of plants and trees that you can farm too.

It’s not a spot for players who have just started, but everyone who has leveled up a bit and wishes to take things further should not miss out on this place because of how rich it is with resources all around.

If you have any tickets, you can always go to the Platinum Fields for materials too. But if you don’t, then the Glass Lotus Lake is the place to be.

That’s it for our guide to Lost Ark’s best places to hunt in. Though the game has a few other places to hunt in, these are the ones we recommend based on our experience and player feedback – both for beginners and high-level players alike. 

We hope that you found the guide useful and are already on your way to leveling up your hunting Trade Skill in Lost Ark.

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