Lost Ark Mana Infused Soup Guide (2023)

Lost Ark Mana Infused Soup Guide GamesBustop

Lost Ark is a game that has great combat and many powerful foes to fight. However, it has a lot more to offer than just that and we see that in the form of side activities such as fishing, trading, and even cooking food.

One of the best food-related items in the game is the Mana Infused Soup, which is of rare variety and can be used to obtain some additional magick.

And not only that, but it’s also an important ingredient that you can use in the Tooki Tooki soup too – which is quite a sought-out item for fans.

So, let’s take a look at our detailed Lost Ark Mana Infused Soup guide so that you know where to find it and how you can use it too! Let’s begin.

Lost Ark Mana Infused Soup Guide

Lost Ark Mana Infused Soup Guide

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The very first thing that should be pointed out is that the Mana Infused Soup is also known as the Magick-Infused Soup. So, it doesn’t matter which name you’re familiar with – they’re all the same item.

What is Mana Infused Soup?

Before we start with obtaining the soup, let’s take a look at what it is. The Mana Infused Soup is a rare item you can get in Lost Ark by completing a specific quest. It can be used in several dishes, which including Tooki Tooki soup.

The purpose of this item is to grant additional mana/magick to the player as the name implies.

How to get Mana-Infused Soup In Lost Ark

Now that we know what it is, let’s take a look at how to get Magick-Infused soup.

How to get Mana Infused Soup In Lost Ark-gamesbustop

Fortunately, the method is very simple. All that you have to do is to head over to the “Repairing the Seal Site” quest and then complete it. The requirements for this mission are simple:

  • The required quest is Ratik
  • Prerequisites for the quest are Return Trip and The Rebuilding of Xeneela
  • The objective is to collect tokens, as the game will explain to you
  • The mission takes place at the Seal Site.

Completing the mission will give you the Mana Infused Soup, but you get tons of other rewards, such as XP, potions, and reputation.

Some players can’t find the Mana Infused soup and think the game deleted it somehow. However, it’s simply under a different name such as Magick-Infused Soup in your inventory sometimes, so make sure to look for every possible name with the soup icon on it.

magick infused soup gamesbustop

How to use Mana Infused Soup in Lost Ark

The best way to use the Mana Infused Soup in Lost Ark is to use it as a key ingredient in the Tooki Tooki Soup – which is a very useful item in the game. You need two main ingredients to craft the Tooki Tooki Soup, which is the Mana Infused Soup, and an item called Captured Tooki’s Tears.

We already went over how to get the Magick Infused soup, so now let’s take a quick look at how to get the Captured Tooki’s Tears.

You can get this item in two places, which can be found on the map approximately here:

How to use Mana Infused Soup in Lost Ark

Once you’re there, kill as many enemies as you can. It’s not a very common item, so keep farming until it drops. Once you have it, head over to Rohendel’s crafting spot and you can make the Tooki Tooki Soup.

Congratulations, you’ve successfully created a Tooki Tooki Soup!

Your quest is now complete and you gained a lot of reputation and XP along the way.

tooki tooki soup

We hope that you found this guide useful and have already obtained a Mana Infused Soup and crafted a Tooki Tooki Soup out of it!

While you’re still here, make sure to check out many of our other helpful Lost Ark guides too.

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